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EscortsAffair Review

~ Pros ~

✅ Free to use

✅ Simple site design that is easy to get the hang of

✅ Escorts galore and from all over the world no less

✅ Not many ads

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Lots of fake profiles

❌ Lacks filtering options

❌ The site is very bare-bones and lacking in color


    You don’t have affairs with escorts, not unless you are batshit crazy. Instead, you take these babes somewhere exotic or have them take you somewhere exotic and stick it into as many of their holes as you can reach into, almost like you are digging up diamonds in your backyard!

    Now that is out of the way have you heard of an escort site by the name of EscortsAffair? It is an escort directory where you go to search for escorts from all over the globe, from North America to Australia. Sadly, Africa and the Middle East are not represented, but there are so many babes on the site that you won’t even notice that lack at all unless your cock insists on pointing it out!

    Ready for my EscortsAffair review? Well, here it is!

The EscortsAffair Site And Homepage

    Diving into the EscortsAffair website required my clicking the Agree button on terms and conditions that I did not bother to read. For all I knew I signed a legally-binding agreement to get kidnapped, dismembered, and eaten by a cannibal cult! Oh well!

    The homepage has about as much color to it as a plate of rice does. White is the default background color here, with the overly simple homepage often looking like it was put together by some middle school students for a school project they didn’t win!

    A pull-down menu of sorts is at the extreme left of the page. You can click on it to log in or sign up, or to post an ad. Signing up is free, though it didn’t earn me a blowjob like I thought it would.

    Now, on the homepage is a comprehensive list of what appears to be every state and city in the US. Canada has a smaller list, with Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, and the UK being represented too. That’s a fair sampling of the world population, with every kind of cunt and tight asshole being bound to show up on such a comprehensive list.

Affairs Of The Heart

    I kind of like Thai chicks, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when my mouse cursor moved from the top of the page, settled on Pattaya Beach, and clicked this like a boss! The escort profiles in that section look sweet and are quite comprehensive, but the provided images simply do not match the profiles, plus there’s no way Thai girls can be that good at English.

    I was disappointed to say the least, went back to the Thailand section, and clicked on Bangkok. Most of the pics there was a match with what I saw in the Pattaya section, which means most profiles are as real as a 6-dollar bill handed to you by the town idiot.

    So, I went back to the American section of the homepage, checked out the cities in New York, clicked on Brooklyn, and thereafter checked out El Paso, Texas. Some ads in both cities look genuine, but a lot look fake, with the given stats often not matching the girl in the profile image. That’s a bummer.

What we Think

    Well, for one, EscortsAffair is not the kind of site those who love escort sites that look as sweet and inviting as a freshly-shaven pussy should go to. The site design is stark and could have been designed by an avowed minimalist who wears a hair shirt on the weekends and there seem to be more fake profiles than real ones.

    Overall though, going by this EscortsAffair review, the site appears to be worth a look and a dive into, though I am not prepared to swear as to the authenticity of any pussy you uncover there!

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