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Escortily Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of amateur babes

The site is free to use

Easy to navigate website

No Pop ups and spams

~ Cons ~

❌ Poor user interface

❌ Scanty escort profiles

❌ Pictures take time to load


    This website doesn't in any way hide its intentions. One look at the name of the site and you know what you are here for. You are here for the very serious business of hoeing around. Hunting for a slut with a beautiful banging body and wet, juicy, slippery pussy. If you can handle two and they are willing to fuck you at the same time, then please go ahead and place your order. After all, a threesome is most men's fantasy. Unfortunately, most haven't been able to grow balls big enough to fuck two sluts.

    Well, back to Escortily.com. The site has quite the spread as they are operational in a few countries. Our focus today is however on their Norway site. Think of how cold the Scandinavian country is and how a good hard fuck could help you stay warm. I'm sure that it's way better than masturbating. Warm cunts and soft skin can be magical if you know what I mean.

    Fortunately for the pervs down there, Escortily has accumulated a good collection to pick from. You don't have to go through stress to find yourself some pussy. On Escortily is a queue of sluts waiting to be selected. But is this site really worth your attention? Let's find out together in this review.

Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

    I have made it a habit to check out sites both on mobile and on my laptop screen, and if I'm being honest this site is shit on mobile. It's actually not too impressive on mobile but it's a little better. Ultimately, Escortily.com is a shitty website. The designers of this site all need to be flogged. Well, if they can't be flogged, then they all should be sentenced to one full year of celibacy. When you view the site on mobile, everything looks out of place, with pictures taking infinity to load. How am I supposed to find a slut, if I have to wait this long for the images on the homepage to load.

    However, I like their logo. The logo of Escortily as you will see if you do manage to visit is similar to the symbol of love. But that doesn't mean you should fall in love with an escort. Remember there are no feelings attached when it comes to fucking an escort. My advice, fuck her as often as you guys are able to arrange with no strings attached. Well, I'm talking to all the romantics whose hearts begin to beat a little bit faster once their cocks are happy. Take it from me, these girls are all up for business and nothing more.

    Thumbnails of escort ads take up the most part of the homepage. The number of thumbnails isn't so much on the page. The page, though unappealing, isn't crammed with thumbnails. At least that's one positive thing about this otherwise shitty homepage. That said, I am unimpressed by the captions of the ads here. I feel like the girls can be a little more creative with how they name their ads.
Navigation shouldn't be too difficult. At the top of the page are two very important search boxes. One for inputting the keyword of what you desire and the second to select your choice location. Usually, it's best you select escorts close to your location. There is really no need to contact a slut living too far from you, unless you are willing to cover up her transportation.

The Amateur Cunts Of Norway

    Besides the crappy homepage, the site isn't too terrible. Escortily is offering you an impressive collection of amateur sluts. Girls who are willing to bust it wide open for you as long as you make them happy. You won't find too many sugar girls or VIP escorts here. There are a few but the girls here are mostly naughty amateur freaks. As expected these escorts provide pictures of themselves to serve as teasers. Teasers are important because with them you have an idea what you are walking into. You wouldn't want a troll knocking on your door when you are expecting a sexy ass beauty with a banging body.

    A few escort profiles are detailed, although most of the escorts have very scanty profiles. However, the girls provide a lot of amateur sample photos and that's something worth commending. But not all of them do, a large number of them are generous with their previews and in my opinion, that counts for nothing. The rest of the girls who have refused to entertain us with sexy sample photos to make us want them can go fuck themselves. I know they could get dildos to do that but it felt good telling them to go fuck themselves.

    Escorts provide their contact information and basic details like age, height, weight and sex. I still don't get why they include their sex on their profiles when from the pictures you can tell she is a female. Good escort sites usually categorize and arrange escorts in such a way that you know where to look for what you desire. That being said, you would usually find sex included in escort profiles on different sites.

    Finally, Norwegian girls are beautiful and the collection of amateur girls here proves that. On the site you will find all ages of girls beginning from 18. There are exciting milfs ready to bounce their fat ass on you, if only you contact them.

What Are Their Rates?

    Escort profiles here are not detailed enough to contain going rates. This means you would have to contact a girl directly to know what she charges for her services. The sluts here are amateur independent escorts, so they shouldn't charge too much. With anything from €80/ 80 USD to €150/ 150 USD you should find yourself a willing slut.

What I Think Of Escortily

    There are a lot of things the site can improve on, beginning from the website itself. It looks outdated and horrible when viewed on mobile. Pictures load slowly and one has to exercise patience before they come up. Why should I have to wait like I'm at a poorly run restaurant before I get my slut menu. The girls are cute though, but if there are better Norwegian escort sites like I know there are, I would prefer searching for sluts there.

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