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EscortAdvisor Review

~ Pros ~

Pretty basic and easy to use

Italy’s and Spain’s top escort listing site

There are girls with plenty of reviews

Very few ad’s

Most of the listings appear to be real 

~ Cons ~

❌ Most profiles lack details

❌ The sites is too basic with minimal search filters

Escort Advisor

    We all know what escorts are and what they do, right? Well, in that case, I won’t open up a dictionary and delve into the job description of these noble men and women. Instead, I will get busy writing yet another review of another escort site.

    This one is Escort Advisor and if you haven’t heard of them then perhaps someone needs to stake you out in the jungle so that a hyena can dine on your privates! Well, better tune in and see what this escort site has that will make you reach for your wallet and your cock. And not necessarily in that order!

Homepage Business

    Before you can enter Escort Advisor proper, you are required to click on a dialog box that states out terms and conditions, like being of age and your excusing Escort Advisor from any liabilities that might arise when you make use of their site. Say you hire an escort here and she ends up stealing your car and credit card, you can’t sue Escort Advisor once you click on the Agree button. Oh well!

    Around one-third of the homepage is occupied by an image of a bikini-clad girl with a lava-hot body who is supine and looks ready to suck your cock something fierce with that cruel mouth of hers. Taking my eyes off this girl is kind of impossible, but I must make a living and so I try hard to ignore her while going about this review.

    Now, the top left of the page has the most interesting tabs. Here are to be found the login and registration tabs, plus options to change the default language, write an escort review, and seek help from the site staff. You can register for free here and in seconds too and by so doing join around 120,000 active users who spend most of their time writing escort reviews and debating the merits of this and that XXX position.

    A scroll down the homepage shows it is filled with blogs. Unfortunately, these are dated, with the latest one written in August 2019. Blog titles include, Wanna Talk Dirty, Upcoming Events Of The Week, Fake or Real Pictures and How Do You Become An Escort. While there are just a quarter of blogs on the homepage, you can click the Read More News option and see all blogs ever posted. But like I said, none of these are very recent.

    The bottom of the homepage has a list of what the site calls Top Provinces. This includes cities like Aberdeen, Norfolk, and Dorset. You can click on any of these cities and get escort reviews in them. In case you haven’t figured it by now Escort Advisor is a site for escorts where users can book these same escorts and write reviews of their skills, abilities, and such like. Simple!

Reviews And More

    Remember the bikini-clad girl? Well, she’s so stunning that I never noticed there was a search bar stretching from her shoulder to her perky bottom. You can use this bar to search for cities and the escorts in them, or simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on any of the cities and provinces you like. The search bar permits searches by city, county, name, and phone number. However, you can only search for escort reviews for cities and towns in the British Isles.

    If you are unfamiliar with British cities, just go to the bottom of the page and click on any of the listed provinces to view the escort reviews for that specific province. The reviews can be rather entertaining and range from praising the performance of the escort to claiming that she looks unlike her advertised photo, or simply was so poor in bed that jerking off to a porn video would have been cheaper and more effective.

    If you like the look of an escort and her reviews are positive, you can of course book her and get to see what so many fellas have been raving about! Should she dare disappoint your expectations you can write a review where you will complain and warn fellas who are thinking of hiring the same escort to nibble on their anaconda.

What I Think

    Well, I have a good feeling about Escort Advisor. They have a nice site, and do their noble best in ensuring that fellas in Britain can hire the best pussy and get the most optimum cumming services of their lives!

    There are no real cons here, though I wish the escort profiles on the site were more detailed. Overall though, this is a site where you can browse through the most amazing collection of escorts, book one, and be sure of getting your money’s worth, or there will be hell to pay via bad reviews. That’s no mean feat!

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