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Erofus Review

~ Pros ~

erofus, Erofus

This site grants you access to a vast array of pornographic work from the best sources you can think about. It just keeps you tuned up for great sex throughout the experience

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The rich content at Erofus is not scanty. You will find popular comics like renderotica, zzz comics, palxomic comix, shadbase, croc comics, moiarte and much much more

erofus, Erofus

Access to Erofus is free. You need not pay any subscription fee or prepare for any unplanned expenses along the way. Its all free

erofus, Erofus

Erofus threats porn reality. You would find yourself carried into its real life storylines. So fascinating and intriguing

erofus, Erofus

This site really stimulates your imagination. It takes you near the pool and lets you fap your way in

~ Cons ~ 

erofus, Erofus

Like anything free, be sure to be bombarded with ad’s from all sides. You just can not stay off these distractions

erofus, Erofus

In case you intend to save some content for a viewing later, Erofus does not let you keep stuff. Downloading on Erofus is quite difficult

erofus, Erofus

The site is just so disorganized that it does not even provide you a good arrangement of content to enable you navigate through its content. How confusing!

    For the purpose of self-enjoyment and self-satisfaction, sometimes we may not like to watch porn videos. But the true erection will come from reading an adult comics. So, for this reason, i like to introduce an old wine in a new bottle. Its a hentai porn comics provide, where you can read various types of adult comics for free. design is average and contains a search bar for searching any porn comics. They have also partnered links offered on the home page that lead to different websites. they are- free sex cams, hentai porn, sex games, porn games, porn comics, hentai games, adult porn games, free sex games, hentai porn games, hentai videos, sex cam, free hentai manga, sextfriend games, dbz porn, live se and x cams. You may also visit these websites and explore them for extra fun!

    On the home page, you can see lots of hentai comic’s categories. Some of them are-Extremexworld comics, Y3df comics, zzz comics, Tg comics, Palcomix comics, etc. For reading the comics, you need to click one of the topics, and they will lead you to the comics name. Simply choose comics you like, and you are ready for the real celebration.

    They have a huge collection of adult comics, including cartoons and real-life type. If you browse through one category, it will take years to read all the comics. They also upload new comics regularly.

    The real downside the site and other sites like erofus is that its full of disturbing ads. And there is no way you can avoid them unless you use an adblocking extension on your browser. When your dick is fully charged, the ads will feel like a pain in the ass. Few ads disguise themselves as the comics, and you may click on a few of them when you browse the website.

    To identify these ads, you need to remember that- the real comics categories and subcategories have only still photos as their identification photo or thumbnail. But all the ads are in constant motion or they are in gif format. If you wait, you can see they are running in loops.

    Also, you can’t download any comics or save them for later. Because there is no signup process, your reading progress will be lost, once you close this website. Surely, you can bookmark the comics link, but it’s not really worth it.

     According to my Erofus review. If you think, that is it ok to visit this website full of ads, i say yes. If you are a hentai porn comics lover, this will be a gold mine for you. You don’t have to pay anything to read all the comics. Some websites want a few dollars to read the comics, and they are offering it for free and you only have to watch a few ads. It’s a compromise, smart people will accept.