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ENFCMNFTube Review

~ Pros ~

Clean homepage

Videos on the homepage are mild

Different Categories Available

~ Cons ~

❌ Outdated web design


    Today is another glorious day dedicated to the gods of our land, the god and goddess of lust and love, the creators of the world’s first sex tape right from the garden. Wonder what quality it was rendered in, but anyways, kudos to the forerunners, and thanks to them, I can stand right here, in front of you, and preach the gospels of the porn.

    Today's topic is on something you don’t usually see often, talking about embarrassed naked females type of porn and everything in that line. The porn site we will be talking about is Enf-cmnf.com. I found it by chance and I believe there are some of you delegates out there that might be interested in this Enf-cmnf review. So let’s get into it.

Cock benders on the loose

    Imagine you are on the road and you see some chick walking down the street, naked—I’m 100% sure the only thing crossing your mind is, “is she good?”. But when it comes to a video, especially a porn video, I’ve seen loads of people get turned on by this act and it is understandable—these are shits some people fantasize about a lot. Oh, this interest gave rise to a particular porn category—the embarrassed naked female and the clothed male naked female category—ENF and CMNF respectively, but let’s leave history for another day.

    I have seen good and bad porn sites in my years of reviewing porn sites for you guys but I don’t think I have seen anything like this in a while. It is the combination of good and bad, nice and ugly—this is what you get when one of the dwarves pumps snow white overnight, something ugly yet efficient. At first, I thought I was on a blog—I mean, the headline literally says “ENF, CMNF, Embarrassment and Forced Nudity Blog”. Got me confused there for a minute yo.

    Still, on the Enf-cmnf homepage, shit’s scattered and leaving you to pick the pieces. At least the videos are shown in a blog-ish type of manner, making it easier to watch videos but it still doesn’t sit right with me. It feels like watching crazy porn off Twitter, the only difference is the color. The more I looked, the worse it becomes, you know what? Let’s discuss that later in the review—there is a plot twist.

    Remember I said it is a combination of ugly and beautiful? The beautiful side of things definitely lies in the navigation, and you wouldn’t hear me say this often, but I am a big fan of this old-school tacky-looking type of navigation. It works fast and seems to get the job done, like, as long as the freaking job is done yea? The header on the Enf-cmnf website can be used for different options like blogs, tube, forums, different porn categories, and so on.

    I was surprised when I saw a forum, an active forum at that. People being all active and posting all sorts of content and threads in the sub-forum just says that Enf-cmnf is one of those tacky porn sites that people still use—could use some work on their designs though. So what type of categories do the admins have on Enf-cmnf porn site? Bruh, you’ll be surprised to find your favorite categories here.

Twisted Titties and Cunts

    I must give it an award—Enf-cmnf deserves the award for the best piece of plot twist done on a freaking porn site, quite unnecessary but I love the effort. Visit Enf-cmnf.com and click on “tube” from the header of the page, where does it take you? Surpriseeeeee, I know right? I was fucking pissed and laughing at the same time, how the fuck are they going to hide something this good behind a shitty-looking website.

    In case you are thinking about the crap coming out of my mouth, I'm talking about Enf-cmnf hiding a good-looking and well-designed website behind a shitty-looking one. Like every other porn site out there, the beautiful version of Enf-cmnf has loads of videos shown in a masonry grid format and the categories are displayed to the left of the screen. Perhaps this is a new design they are working on? I don’t know, but it is what you should be using if you ever get to use Enf-cmnf to watch some public porn videos.

    Oh, yea, I was going to talk about categories—the categories on Enf-cmnf, they have some pretty good categories in there. Categories like abduction, blackmail, caught naked, and shits like that—yea, pretty good categories for people that are into these types of things. The deeper you go into the Enf-cmnf categories, the better it gets for you, somewhat like a fresh out-of-the-bag cunt.

    The videos are hella clear, super clear. On both versions of the website, they load super fast and most of the videos are short. It gives you enough time to watch as many videos as you can. But what is actually missing is the ability to change the video qualities, I, for one love this feature, and it would’ve been nice if the admins on Enf cmnf porn site could get something on it, but then again, those videos are clear as day, so it might not be an issue.

    And like it should, Enf cmnf has a comment section and reviews under the videos as well. You know, a little space for you to get your freak on and connect with like-minded people—well, you can use the forum for that as well.

What do I think about Enf-cmnf?

    Top dawg shit, an original gangster with that act of hiding a gem behind a rough stone, well played to those fellas over at Enf-cmnf. What do I think about Enf-cmnf? I think it’s good to go—good to watch and get some experience points on some crazy porn videos. I mean, there are no ads, the videos load super fast, and the design is clean.

    Just make sure to use the tube version and not the ugly outdated website you land on. Back to you now John, don’t rub too hard.

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