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Ιστοσελίδες συνοδείας Sex Cam Sites Καλυτερα Πορνο Παιχνιδια ιστοσελίδες γνωριμιών σεξ
Καλυτερα Πορνο Παιχνιδια ιστοσελίδες γνωριμιών σεξ

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~ Pros ~

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~ Μειονεκτήματα ~ 

❌ Κακός σχεδιασμός ιστότοπου

❌ Site looks Outdated

❌ Many camgirls profiles do not have enough content


    What I think of when I whisper Royalcams are kings doing us the honor of watching them compete on who is able to satisfy their queen better on a royal cam? such a wild thought, yeah? Why else will this site be named Royalcams? Or perhaps it is for just royalties, or hold on, maybe we, the viewers, are the royals. That’s by the way.

    I was told that, indeed, Royal cams could make you feel like Kings with the premium content it has. It would leave your cocks with a crown on its head. I hope this isn’t fluff anyways.

    Hop onto my royal carriage; let’s explore this royal world together.

The Royal Kingdom

    I am expecting to see cam girls with either crown on their heads or see them dressed as royalty, but that’s not the case. From what I can see, they indeed have royal blood because what on earth are these boobs, goodness! I could lay my head on them for a day without getting up, and when I get hungry, I would suck on them like my life depended on it.

    The homepage of Royalcams looks quite disturbing and looks outdated; it is covered in a white background, with yellow to compliment its looks. Since the site name reeks of royalty, royal blue should have been the color here, not white or yellow. I am sure the designer was just doing his job, but whoever came up with this site design and color must have been hungry.

    The top line of this homepage houses a few features, the top left holds a button that shows you a breakdown of the live results of the cam girls, cam guys, trans, and couples. You get to filter the age range, too. Next to this is the Royal Cam's logo, which should have been in blue, but let’s move on.

    There is a search button that allows you to filter these cam girls, categories, or tags, and also a result of how many cam girls are live. Next is a login button for existing users and a signup button for new and intending users. Also, you get to see the language options, which are 36 in number, which is quite massive because it is hard to come by.

    The next line starts with an all-models button, which, when clicked on, takes you to another page where you get to search cam girls alphabetically and also search them by their nickname. If you are a regular user here, I am sure you would know the nicknames of these girls like your fingers know how to locate the G-spot.

    Next up is the category tab that allows you to filter your preference of cam girls like; big ass, big tits, blonde, brunette, Latina, lesbian, etc. The history button is next, and this displays the cam girl’s room you have visited. There is the promotion button, which tells you how to get tokens and gift cards for free.

    There is a contest button that tells you how to take part in the top models of the week by voting. You could win cash prizes here if you get to accumulate points. The next line shows us active live users and gives a breakdown of a category and how many of them are active and live.

    A quick search button exists that allows you to search for your preferred gender, filter their age, and also choose the region you want. Just in case you do not have the patience, just as you would rush to grab and spank a fat ass, rush and hit the search button and make your choice.

    Next to the search button is an English button, which, when clicked, filters out every cam girl’s profile whose name is not written in English. There is also the mobile live button that filters out every live video done without the use of a mobile phone.

    There are also other buttons like recordable, HD+, masturbation, cock-sucking, dildo, squirting, jerking, flashing, deepthroat, and many more filter buttons. What they basically do is filter out everything that is not in the category you clicked on.

    Now we get to fully concentrate on the royalties of the royal cams. There is almost an unending list of these cam girls because the more you scroll, the more it keeps loading. The profile thumbnail of these camgirls carries their name, a tag if they are live or new, and how many people are watching. Also, when you hover on these thumbnails, videos auto-preview.

    A little scroll reveals a different category tab that allows you to filter your preferences. If you decided to go straight to the by poking a cunt with your cock, then that’s fine, but I’d rather my cocks wander a bit more and feed its eyes with the images of several cunts and titties.

    If you are able to make it to the bottom of this page, then good for you because it was a hassle for me as I kept getting shoved with boobs and asses in the face. The bottom of this page carries a blog post about Royalcams.

The Royalties

    Clicking on a profile thumbnail of any cam girl takes you to her personal page, where you get to see her information such as age, name, gender, pictures, videos, etc. You can also send a message. You also get to see their live videos and can decide on paying for a private show and whatnot.

The Levy of the Royalties

    The currency used here is called tokens, which can only be gotten if you have an account with the site. These tokens are what would guarantee you premium content. You would not want to miss out on the opportunity.

What Pornguy Thinks of Royalties

    The site is easy to navigate and has lots of interesting features, its an example of do not judge a book by its cover.

royalcams, RoyalCams

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