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eHentai Review

~ Pros ~

Place looks lit

You can easily create nude bitches

~ Cons ~

❌ Not much in the way of advanced options

❌ Chatbots can be flaky

❌ Gotta pay for the best stuff


    AI sites where you can create all sorts of stuff, from the perfectly ordinary to the erotically fap-worthy are a dime a dozen these days. Some of these sites are free, or at least offer free plans. But in the vast majority of cases, you gotta pony up some dollars for the best stuff and that’s to be expected on a planet like this where you usually gotta bribe chicks with drinks and a meal before they will agree to bend over and allow access to their slimy innards! Been getting free nookie have you? Well, if that’s not coming from your wife, then count yourself very lucky you lucky dog, you!

    So, I got a site here on my screen that’s all about hentai stuff. Yeah, it is an AI site, but it deals only with hentai and you don’t see that every day. Sure, there are sites around that let you create or download hentai stuff, but not too many are as hentai-focused as Ehentai.ai. Here’s my Ehentai.ai review. Read it and weep while passing up on that well-shaved nookie on your left that you can’t fill up to save your life!

Cartoon Ass Chunks!

    Ehentai seems ready to compete with the big boys and their big dicks and it makes this very clear with a top-class homepage and site design. The shit is colorful and stylish and that’s not a combo every site can pull off.

    The top right hosts a login icon, a Free Trial button, and an option for switching the default dark mode to a light one. Doing that though, makes this place look a bit cheap and common.

    Most of the site’s real estate is taken up with generated images of hentai chicks and there’s explanatory text that details what this place does. And over on the top left is a trio of horizontal bars. Tapping this will open a long-ass menu that lets you log in, check out the free trial, categories, and pricing options, contact support, chat with or sext an AI chick, and that kind of thing.

    You can register for free here by clicking the Free Trial button on the top right of the homepage and when you do, the range of user options made available changes slightly. And oh, apart from the free plan, there are Bronze and Silver membership plans that cost $9.59 and $19.19 monthly respectively. You can also pay every 3 to 6 months and doing that will lessen your monthly bill.

    The Bronze plan grants you access to 20 models, 100 extra images per month, a thousand messages to your AI sluts, 500 voice message credits, and the ability to generate up to 3 images at once. The Silver plan ups that to 50 customizable girls per month, 250 extra images monthly, 2,500 messages to the AI chicks here, and 1,500 credits for voice messages. Plus you can generate up to 5 chicks at once, and customize their name and personality.

    And oh, there are also Gold and Diamond plans and these cost $47.99 and $95.99 monthly respectively. And like the other paid plans, you get discounts if you pay yearly or months at a time. Needless to say, the Gold and Diamond plans are hardcore enough to give your pecker a soprano voice!

    As for the free plan, it is shit. But then you know that already, right? Thought so!

Here’s To My AI Chicks Who Choke Down My AI Meat!

    At Ehentai.ai you can eyeball a reasonable number of hentai chicks. And some of these have nude or topless pictures in their profiles. If you want to sort by those with nudes in their profile pictures, just go to the Category page, click on nudes and you are sure to see pages full of hentai chicks without a stitch on. You can create nude images yourself too, but first, you gotta create an image and then make a nude copy of it. Image downloads are not supported. But who’s to know when you right-click and save whatever you wanna.

    Apart from eyeballing chicks here, you can create your own or chat with any chick. Content creation is easy and all you gotta do is pick out some options like hair and eye color, body type, boob and ass size, and that kind of thing.

    I generated an image of a blonde. She looked like something out of the Ecchi or Hentai subreddit. I couldn’t chat with her though and kept getting notifications about active chat servers not being on. I logged into this site on my mobile and got the same nonsense. At first I thought the problem might be because I was not a paying member, but folks on the free plan get 20 free messages to the chatbots here, so that couldn’t be it. I even tried accessing this site via VPN, just in case they got my location -the White House, wink- blocked, but no dice with that.

    So, I logged back in the next day and had no difficulty chatting up the bots here. They aren’t the brightest, but will send you nudes when you ask and all you gotta do to see a cute little hentai booty in your chat box is to ask for it and not very nicely too. That shit can take a while to load up though, especially if you are floating around on the free plan.

    Can’t or won’t chit-chat with the bots here? Then just make yourself busy right-clicking on all the high-quality hentai images you care for and make your computer memory a happy little fucker!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Ehentai

    Being able to create nude hentai art here is rad, and chatting with chicks you create will do a bit to make you feel like you got your shit together and now deserve boatloads of respect from everyone and their Persian cat! But on the whole, I would say that Ehentai is not as advanced or options-crammed as I am used to and it is not a site I can recommend while sober.

    Pass on this place my lads, and may fine pussy that’s laden with morning cream never pass you by!

eHentai, eHentai

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