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EggPornComics Review

~ Pros ~

  Good site design

 Lots of content


~ Cons ~

❌ Ads are a plague!

❌ Content viewing options could be better

❌ No downloads


    A guy like me has a fondness for eggs over easy. On particularly cold mornings, I can be persuaded to dine on hard-boiled eggs still fresh from the pot. Got to say, sinking your teeth into these is one of the sweetest things your senses will ever get entangled with.

    If you are wondering why I am talking about eggs, be prepared to blame a porn comics site that goes by the very unusual name of Egg Porn Comics. The first time I heard of the site, I thought it was so named because its comics were all about shelled and naked eggs getting defiled by slicing knives and biting teeth. A visit proved me wrong and opened my eyes far beyond its design capabilities! And that’s precisely why I am here writing an Egg Porn Comics review. Tune in all egg and comics lovers and have more than a little fun!

It’s The Eggs For Me!

    There ain’t no eggs on Egg Porn Comics, not even a solitary ovary in fact! The nearest thing to eggs to be found on the site is the image of a lady with purple skin, whose perky mammaries with pink nipples remind me of the kind of egg yolk I like to mercilessly bite into!

    This image is not the site logo and can be seen at the top left of the screen. Clicking on it directs you to a porn comic game. Above the breastful image is a search bar and to the left are tabs like Sex Games, Categories, My Favorites, and Latest Comics.

    The Sex Games app will take you offline to Hooligapps. So be a dear and leave it well alone, unless, of course, you want to bust a vagina or two in a sex game or two. The Categories tab comes equipped with a pull-down menu, which is a thoughtful addition. Supported categories include 3D Comics, Anime Comics, Cartoons, MILF, and Western.

    The My Favorites tab takes you to content that you have marked as your favorites. Of course, if it is your first visit to the site, there will be no content to be found in this tab, as you have to add them yourself, but that is easily done. The Latest Comics tab as the name suggests does what it says on the tin.

Eggs For Life!

    Now, let’s focus a little on how the site is organized. The top of the page is normally occupied with an image of the lady who has big boobs and pink nipples that look like candy. But once you start poking around on the site, that is replaced by colorful ads. Do your best to ignore them.

    Below these ads are a list of the most popular comic porn categories and below these are a selection of comics with images. Right at the bottom of the page is a nice assortment of tags, plus comic archives. Sample tags include Ben 10, Blowjob, Incest Nhentai, Big Breasts, and Stockings, and all these are of course clickable. The page itself as I have neglected to mention so far has a black background and looks OK if a little cheerless. We can live with that.

The Egg In The Comics!

    For some reason, I have been feeling like getting my cock buried in a chocolate pussy and wriggling it around like I intend to dig up a healthy amount of filling! That could be why the Interracial porn image category on the homepage is what I checked out first of all. The content in this category took up 26 pages, which is nice but not all that spectacular. To be sure, stuff here doesn’t seem to have been arranged by the date they were uploaded, which is confusing.

    Titles in the Interracial category include Massive Cum, Marriage Counselor, The Mayor, 2 Hot Blondes Submit To BBC, and Ivana Nurse Fucked. I dived into Campus Police, which was about a couple of college coeds getting caught smoking weed and facing expulsion. To atone for their crime, they had to spread their legs and get dicked down so madly I doubt they could walk properly for weeks after. Poor them!

    Generally, each image in every title plays in a slideshow format. However, each image is too big for the screen, which means you miss out on something unless you scroll down. There should have been a way to let readers adjust the image size of the comics to the exact dimensions that’s comfortable for them.

    Aside from that, comics here are of good quality, though downloading them for offline reading is an impossible task. More, readers are free to add any comics to their Favorite list, but cannot rank or comment on them.

What I Think

    Egg Porn Comics has a name you don’t encounter too often in the comic sector and lots of free materials. The number of ads on the site is deplorable, and the poor viewing options for the available comics make me mad. But overall, this site appears like a good deal for most comic fans.

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