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Dreambdsm Review

~ Pros ~

Good homepage

Different Categories Available

Has an on-site player

~ Cons ~

❌ Annoying redirection Ads

❌ Homepage results are over the top


    It’s another glorious day to sit and talk about porn sites all day long without breaking a sweat or a pre cum—today, I will be taking through one of those porn sites with videos made for those with these types of tastes and fantasies, those who like to get in some master-slave relationship on the bed—yep, we are talking about a BDSM porn site known as Dreambdsm.

    This Dreambdsm review will cover everything that needs to be covered, even my eyes because what are these images, I pray I don’t get hunted by an asshole looking like a tote bag. Anyways, let’s jump right in.

Unlimited victimized cunts in shambles

    Growing up, we always say break a leg for things like knocking yourself out and shit but damn when I got to dreambdsm.com—break a leg stopped being that shit and I couldn’t even think of something else, someone’s ass got broken! Two huge ass hulk hands in one ass, bloody hell… you know what? I’ll come back to this, let’s start this from the basics.

    The front page of the dream BDSM website is like every other aggregator porn site out there—loads of videos with an option to select categories on the side, bruh I’ve been seeing this same design for so long that it doesn’t even feel special to me any longer. But what I do find to be amazing is the good number of categories on dreambdsm, I mean, for a porn site that focuses on extreme BDSM, they got an Arab category—Habibi!

    The type of categories you can find on dreambdsm? All the types, just think about any porn category you can think of—categories like 69, anal, babysitter, ebony, pawgs, big tits, and so on—I don’t even have to go on till the end before you get the gist. And if you are too lazy to scroll down the page to find the categories that you want, you can just use the search bar and test your imaginations—-a pretty woman getting fisted in the ass by a black hunky delivery man.

Asses living in bondage

    Once in a while, we like to hang a leg or choke a neck during pump action, you know some of those mild BDSM things but never have I thought of doing a 50 shades of Grey kind of action. And that’s even mild because yoooo—what the fuck am I seeing on dreambdsm, you seeing this too yea? I get that this is a porn site dedicated to BDSM and all sorts but Jesus Christ, keep it mild on the front page—let those people looking for the extreme shits go find it.

    I mean, there are mild and soft versions of BDSM, people out here trying to watch a video with a little ass smack or throat gag, not shove in an entire Optimus prime action figure into a gaped ass, trying to create some megasstron. I can’t even call this a disadvantage because I know there is someone out there who loves things like these, it might even be you or the person next to you, but an open letter to dreambdsm, please keep the front page mild and clean.

    If you are here for the soft BDSM, just look past the crazy shits on the front page and go into the inner pages—promise there are some soft and mild BDSM waiting for you in there. Quick story, I wanted to find some soft BDSM categories and the first category I could think of was outdoor… I mean how are you gonna film a bondage sex video outdoor. Bruh I was fucking wrong, why is there a chain in her pussy? I have soo many questions right now and my mind isn’t even letting me process these shits.

    One feature that defines a game changer in these types of porn sites is the on-site video player. Well, yes, loads of sites have been adopting this method and you can see it on those porn sites that aren't really famous but it still doesn’t take the whip off dreambdsm for having something like that. I guess keeping you on the site is far better than redirecting you to another porn site to watch the video and get lost in a multitude of asses.

Whack-a-pussy type of game

    You have heard of whack-a-mole, now it is time for whack-a-pussy—those pussy got whacked so hard, dreambdsm forgot to place their ads without annoying us. Other than the annoying homepage, the redirection when you try to watch a video is just annoying. I mean, I don’t mind on-page ads that shout at me but a redirection to an unfamiliar page instead of taking me to the video is just all forms of annoying, hate it.

    Are you still with me? Did I drag this thing on for too long? My bad, let’s hit the porn breaks and get into what I think about the dream BDSM porn site.

What do I think about DreamBDSM?

    What do I think about dream BDSM? Not much, but I think this is a fantastic site to watch some crazy and extreme BDSM porn videos, but if you are just window shopping for videos, you might want to stay off this because of the massive number of gore displays on the front page. Even I couldn't take it, had to look away and look at something normal for a minute because this isn’t made for me! Well, have fun if this is your thing.

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