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DesiXNXX Review

~ Pros ~

desixnxx, DesiXNXXThe site is free

desixnxx, DesiXNXXThere are thousands of porn videos

desixnxx, DesiXNXXYou can download the videos

desixnxx, DesiXNXXShows you references to other porn sites

desixnxx, DesiXNXXLots of Indian porn

~ Cons ~ 

desixnxx, DesiXNXXIt does not have a sex menu

desixnxx, DesiXNXXThere are many ads

desixnxx, DesiXNXXSome videos are poor quality

       As a lifelong fan of porn, I’ve always thought India should be producing more much porn then it does. They’ve got one of the highest god dam populations in the world! , which suggests more people should be fucking on camera. Still to this day, its almost downright impossible to seek out fresh Desi smut content on most parts of the web. Sites like desixnxx make it a hell of tons easier than a random shitty Indian sex blog. is pretty much like your typical free porn tube, with row after row of obscenity in little squares. Click one and you can scope some Desi lovers kissing within the park, the old teacher fucking his student or any of the dozen of fuck scenes on the page. The search bar says the location has nearly 30,000 videos.

    Fun fact: the typical DesiXNXX viewer spends just 4 minutes watching porn on that site. I assume when watching Indian porn dudes be cumming pretty dam quick with those sexy sacred indian whores. Just in case you were wondering, sites like Pornhub average about 10 minutes. Your day-long sessions ain’t normal, but they certainly are admirable.
Oh, man. Get a load of that logo. It reminds me of that company DHL. It definitely needs a little bit of work.

    The ad’s on this site is pretty fucking annoying. I hate when i have to click a link twice when trying to reach a video. After you do finally reach the video there are pretty dam annoying gif ad’s to the right of the video. Aside from that the experience is ok

    DesiXnxx gets 10 million visits a month. this is often an enormous fucking collection of Desi porn. Uou’ll be very hard-pressed to seek out a much bigger one anywhere else. It’s hard to argue against spending a couple of minutes each day perusing this immense stash, seeking out and saving your favorites, especially when it’s completely free.

     After all my final Desixnxx review states that its a pretty good source of free indian porn. If you know of any more sites like desixnxx then hit me up so i can add it to the stash.