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DeepFakePorn Review

~ Pros ~

Nice background theme

Hot collection of Asian celebrities’ deep fake videos

Looks very realistic

Animated video thumbnails

~ Cons ~

❌ A heavy presence of pop-up Ads

❌ Needs translation


    Technology has really been man’s best friend At least after dogs, it has really made things easier for everyone and has made man achieve certain milestones that were once thought impossible.

    Technology has not only been applied to scientific research and all but also some perverted tech wizards have decided to apply technology to our sexual desires and thus came deep fake porn. today I got a website called deepfakeporn.net, and I’ll be reviewing this website as deeply as possible. Here’s my deepfakeporn review below

First touch into the deepfakeporn site

    Websites like this are made for those wankers with celebrity crushes having wet dreams of doing all sorts of perverted things with this their crushes, with deep fake porn videos you can have your celebrity crush fuckin, masturbating doing any sort of sexual pervertness for your wanking adventures.

    This site focuses more on Japanese deep fakes than the western celebrity’s deep fakes, you can find your favorite K-pop or Japanese AV idol riding dick like her life depends on it, if this is your kind of scene for jerking off then this site is the genie that grants all your wishes.

    The site has a nice user interface and it’s easy to use well until I saw the names of the video thumbnails that some parts were in English while some parts were in Japanese. Well, I couldn’t read a word of Japanese to save my life and if you’re in this category with me, then you’ll need to employ a translation software or check your browser options if it has “translate” as mine and get the page translated easy peasy.

    Now that the page can be understood by any English speaker let’s get ok with the review. The site has a black and with pink lining background theme making the page look very attractive.

What secrets lay inside the layouts

    At the top of the page, there is the signup and the login option, that’s for if you want a more personalized experience on the site. Below that is the site’s title, then the search bar to find all your celebrity crushes and see if they are available on the site.

    Below the search bar is the menu button represented with three horizontal bars, clicking on it will open up different menu options, such as “premium” I believe this is where all the best deepfake videos are but of course it’s only limited to their registered users.

    Then the other options are new, top-rated, and most viewed, if you don’t really know about K-pop and J-pop celebrities or have a favorite wank waifu you can start from this section and get a feel of these sexy idols doing the most freaky shits on video to make you jizz your pants silly.

Deeps into the categories of deep fakes

    While on the menu options, I opened up the categories the site has which is a lot, they have a category for almost all the Asian bands on there so you’ll most likely see your favorite Asian group on here doing all sorts of nasty things that If you didn’t know better you’ll think it’s real, don’t forget they are deep fakes but are still very good enough for you to wank all your seed out of you and plant it on the floor.

    There’s also a menu option labeled idols, you can use this to find different videos available on the site on a particular Asian idol you admire or love jerking off to. After I was done with the menu options, I headed back to the homepage and started going down the video thumbnails which were animated by the way, that’s a plus I love seeing animated thumbnails to give an idea of what the video will be like.

    The video thumbnails were arranged in order of how recently they were uploaded on the site. These animated thumbnails can really get the cum juices in you to boil up and ready to explode. These Asian dolls might look tiny but fuck me do they know how to take dick like sex champs. The videos have varying lengths with some of them censored while some others aren’t censored. You will surely have a filled time on this site.


    This website is a very promising website for anyone into K-pop, j-pop, and C-pop, and by into I mean anyone who looks jerking off to these Asian celebrities with their doll faces and tiny pussies. With this site you’ll be drowning in videos of these Asian idols fucking like rabbits, yes there are the occasional pop-up Ads showing up to kill your boner but the site creators gotta make a living too so it’s okay as long as they are providing top content for all fappers out there, which they are.

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