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DampLips Review

~ Pros ~

The blog's are about popular porn scenes with their own videos

About 3 to 5 new videos are added everyday

It features a lot of straight-up porn

The blogs are samples so you can know what to expect in the full vids

The videos are all crisp HD content

~ Cons ~ 

❌ It is not really good for phones, only desktop

❌ There is lots of ad's

❌ Download speed is not impressive


    There does happen to be a lot of sex sites out there, all of whom are designed to make you part with your cum. Of all these porn sites, Damplips does a fair job of making itself known.

    Now, the site design is good enough and is quite easy to use. You will need almost no time at all to figure out how it all works. If the default home page makes you feel cranky, you can click the Tube Page section to change it to one that looks like most other porn sites.

    Right at the very top of the Damplips.com homepage are some porn categories and even a sex chat option. You will find the Premium Porn and Best Porn sections here.

    The latter consists of the porn sites that the folks who run Damplips think you would love to cum to. Among these are Girls Cum and Reality Kings, either of which contains the kind of content that would make your woody throw a temper tantrum until it has been properly petted!

    As for the Premium Porn section, that brings you to Pornhub Premium. Signing up for that is the stuff that the most rad wet dreams are made of!

Latest Cumming Girls

    You can scroll down the homepage of Damplips.com and get views of the latest top-rated XXX scenes showing some rather pretty females who look very swell in their birthday suits. Such content is updated daily and features copious descriptions.

    You can play these porn vids right on the home page, add comments to it and watch or download it in up to 4K quality. Expect to see standard sex acts, but almost no kinky stuff.

    Most of these porn vids barely hit the 10-minute mark. That length of time is, however, more than enough to get your cock frothing at the mouth.

    The supported porn content is quite varied and of high quality. Supermodel-worthy girls with the freshest pussies you ever saw in your life fill the screen, all begging to get their tits sucked and their cunts fucked to oblivion.

    To the left of the home page lies a fair amount of porn categories, like family porn, lesbians, threesomes, Latina chicks and more. Atop this is a search function you can use to search out those girls who are most worthy of your time and cumming attention.

Final words for my Damplips review

    Props should be given where it is due! I believe Damplips is the upshot of years of hard work done by the team behind the site. It is time to say goodbye to so-called popular free porn tubes and become part of Damplips.

    As long as you are on Damplips, you forget what is happening around you. You’ve probably experienced a lot of sex live cams, free porn tubes, and premium porn sites. But once you are used to enjoying Damplips’ videos like huge cocks, college girls, foursome, lesbians, sneaky sex, teen sex and more, you never feel like leaving Damplips until you are all over.

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