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r/CuteLittleButts Review

~ Pros ~

Relatively Active Community

Lots of high quality little butts content to fap to

Large community

Softcore Contents

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Strictly for girls with little butts

❌ Verification required for posting


    A friend of mine once said to me, " look man, nothing feels therapeutic and brings healing to my gentle soul like the warmth of grabbing a soft and sizeable cupcake ass all to my dying loins. Man, that feeling is heavenly". I found that absurd cause I have a completely opposite opinion to that effect. I have always conceived an extra large butts as my ideal spec. Not until I found myself drooling for the same cute little butts I had despised at the pool. Holy shit! That chick worn a G-string and her ass clap was damn adorable and without blemished. I mean it was completely faultless! Have you ever seen confetti falling from the sky with variegated lights accompanying the fall of the confetti while cool blues oozing from a stereo. That’s feeling gave me chills down to my loins. That seraphic chick with such dazzling butts was damn magnificent. I had to walk up to her and profess my pent up feelings. It was damn radiant. You see such resplendence and elegance all embodied in one beautifully rounded sculpture. Round and soft can send chills all over my body even down to my loins.That’s what cute little butts do to guys like us sending chilly sensations to our dicks. Quite electrifying!

    Little butts have advantages over big butts in terms of agility, smartness and flexibility. It is pretty easy for a fucker to lift his partner that has cute little butts on sex positions like suspended congress. It is also easy to sail through the ass cheeks to the pussy and assholes with ease. Many fuckers find it quite easy and effortless to handle a slim cute lady and experiment all the nasty things . You just can’t afford to miss out on these beautiful girls with cute and alluring little butts that could almost contain your palm while giving out kisses.

My Little Discoveries On Reddit Cutelittlebutts

    Reddit Cutelittlebutts is a place to share and appreciate quality over quantity. This Reddit is a NSFW sub that provides short videos of chicks with cute little derrieres . Little butts are considered prettiest and most desirable shape. Reddit littlebutts got your back on the most sexiest of girls with pretty and succulent butts. They are actually easy to handle. Less straining physically to change positions. Most of you guys get turned on more by either pictures or videos of a cute little butts in sexy pair of panties invites tenderness and allure. It radiates a spotless glow like the blush of a rose petals with her butt, soft and supple canvas. It’s even more erotic and arousing to see ladies with cute little butts to wear lingerie. It damn pretty on them.

    Reddit Cutelittlebutts currently has a following of over 900k members with about hundreds of these participants actively stomping the community on a regular for threads. All female redditors are verified to post original contents by the moderators.

Forbidden Fruits On r/Cutelittlebutts

    Notwithstanding the seraphic beauty of these Cute little butts, This community with utmost simplicity states it subreddit rules .are applied to keep the community orderly and fictional. Models must be 18; Any girl featured in this sub must be at least 18 years at the time the pic was taken. Spreading or promoting underage contents will result in a ban and the user will be reported to the Reddit admins.

    Must fit cute and little; All posts must fit the cute and little butts theme of the sub. Posts from angles that make your butts look bigger than it actually is may be removed. All posts are at the moderators discretion either to approved or disapproved based on the verification status of the redditors in question.Post must be related to cute little butts and must have a cute little butts prominently displayed on the post. Extreme close up of not butt things like pussy, butthole, boobs, etc.

    No men, male parts or hardcore porn. This is a sub for women only. Such posts will be removed and user banned. This is not a hardcore sub, so men keep off. Don’t be a dick; This is a NSFW subreddit, we come here to enjoy ourselves. Don’t be a dick and ruin it for others. Do not sell or advertise . This is not a selling sub.

What I Think Of Reddit Cutelittlebutts

    Pretty good community. This is a sure place for dudes that are obsessed with quality over quantity. A piece of cute jewel you would love to cherish, hold, admire and fuck.Model like ladies displaying elegance and physique. It makes them angels to behold .You just can’t afford to miss out on this sub. It contains all you crave for in a little butts. Give it a try!

CuteLittleButts, CuteLittleButts

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