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CumOnPrintedPics.com is dead!


CumOnPrintedPics Review

~ Pros ~


Posts and images aplenty

Lots of active forum members to interact with

~ Cons ~

❌ Numerous ads

❌ Very outdated and colorless site design

❌ Site not all that easy to understand and use


Is there an equivalent of a Raspberry Award for pornsite titles? If so, CumOnPrintedPics should be a shoo-in for the most cringy site title award. I have never heard of this porn forum until like three weeks back and I’ve been in and out of it a few times since.

Seeing that it has a pretty nice collection and a big userbase I thought I better review it before the world runs out of cheese and let you all know what I think of it. With that being the case, read up on my review of CumOnPrintedPics and you just might find out how it feels to cum on a pic or two!

Plenty Cumming On Plenty Pics!

    I am sure you all have cum on the sexy pics that you posted on your bedroom walls in the past. So don’t be looking at me like you all are holy saints or something, cos I won’t stand for that at all!

    CumOnPrintedPics calls itself a tribute porn forum. Tribute porn is basically taking a picture of an unattainable girl like your school teacher or the wife of your best friend and thinking nasty thoughts while cumming all over a physical or digital copy of their likeness. Such masturbation is performed as a tribute of sorts to them and there are pornsites whose sole focus is on tribute porn, just like CumOnPrintedPics.

Think of CumOnPrintedPics like a sexy blackhole that you have little chance of escaping once you fall headfirst into it! The site is large, packed with all sorts of stuff, and has plenty of users you can talk with and relate to from morning till midnight.

A standard homepage design is used here, though this appears cluttered and could do with some fresh polish. A blue banner is at the very top of the homepage and there’s an advanced search function at the far right of this. The far left has a Board Index tab and a click on this will show you the forum, newest posts, and replies, hall of fame, contests, and more. This board even has a celebrity deep fake section and a celebrity porn tribute section.

The FAQ, Chat, log in and Registration tabs can also be found within the first top inch of the homepage. Registration is free, though you are required to read and agree to a very lengthy Terms of Use, provide your email, preferred language and time zone, plus password. That’s a lot.

Membership is, of course, required to make the fullest use of your dangling woody and eyeballs on CumOnPrintedPics. Making and commenting on posts is reserved for members only, same with upvoting and downvoting of posts.

Now, let me finish listing what’s on the homepage. Ads are posted near the top and these appear on every page. Next are the latest picture attachments posted in the forum that’s refreshed every few minutes, then basically everything else that’s available from the earlier mentioned Board Index.

Once you go to the bottom of the homepage or the Board Index page you can see a nice list of every registered fella that’s currently online, the total number of users and posts made, plus all recent searches. The most recent searches are Leblanc, Emily Feld, Gollum etc

Now, the biggest appeal of a site like CumOnPrintedPics is the fact that it has a massive userbase united by their eternal love for sharing erotic pictures and talking about sexual matters. There are officially 223,029 registered members here, who between them have made 4,319,056 posts. There’s always something cooking on the site, or something to get all excited or outraged about. That’s what makes this XXX forum such a draw.

What I Think

    Did I mention something about a black hole earlier before? Well, I really meant it. There’s a lot of stuff on CumOnPrintedPics. I am talking about so much stuff that you have no hope of reading through them all in a couple of weeks, plus new stuff are added on the daily.

You are bound to find lots of things interesting to see and talk about and if fapping to images or establishing a connection with folks of like minds is what you are after, that’s easy to do on the site. However, there are a frustrating number of ads on CumOnPrintedPics, the site design could make you want to cry.

Overall, I think this porn forum and picture cum milker is worth signing up to. Just be sure to walk the straight and narrow path while you are there and you should be all right.

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