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❌ None


    A slut who swallows is a queen but the one who swallows, allows facials and lets cum drool all over her face and body is one to die for. A girl who enjoys having her pretty face covered in cum. Now that’s a good slut. Well, I know these types of girls can be pretty difficult to come by, but you can always watch videos of them while jerking off. You don’t want to starve yourself of pleasure, simply because no girl wants a facial. I must confess, facials are one of my secret fetishes.

    I believe the only reason you are in search of a cum fetish subreddit is because like me you enjoy watching cum on pretty faces. Why waste cum, when you can use it as a makeshift cosmetic? After getting fucked so hard, a good slut kneels down and waits for cum to be dumped on her face. I can bet you enjoy watching it as much as I do. In order not to waste too much of your time so you can head right to jerking your brains out. This review of Cumfetish subreddit will be short. It’s going to be more like a quickie. Short, sharp but hitting all the right spots!

Room For Cum Play On Reddit Cumfetish

    Even though I keep emphasizing on facials, Cumfetish subreddit isn’t only for facials. It covers all types of cum play. Cum shot videos, cum swapping and even girls drinking cum from glass cups. All types of cum centered porn content are featured in the community. I’m guessing you are wondering what cum drinking looks like and if they really do drink cum. Well, these sluts do just about anything. They fill up glasses with cum and gulp it down. Cum drinking makes an interesting watch you should check out.

    Cum swapping too is also something I urge you to check out. Contents like this will have you beating the hell out of your stiff woody. Watching sluts share cum as they kiss and play with it all over their faces. Only writing this is making me horny, so imagine how watching them act all naughty will make you feel. You might bust the biggest nut you have ever busted. When you do, feel free to bust inside a glass cup. Unfortunately, you might not find a cum drinking slut easily, so I don’t know what you will do with all that natural milkshake.

Bust A Nut To Cum Busting

    I don’t know if this title makes any sense, it just sounded good in my head and I wrote it down. Well that’s the inner genius in me getting inspired by all the massive displays of cum in this subreddit. The banner of the community gives you a clear picture of what the community is all about. A beautiful slut all covered in cum with her tongues out in a sexy manner. Now imagine all that was your cum after you fucked her tight juicy pussy. You might never get that opportunity to fuck a bitch this beautiful but at least you can imagine.

    Anyone who is of age can be a member of Cumfetish subreddit. All members are also allowed to contribute content in the community. There are rules though. Rules that can be read by clicking on the “about" icon. Navigating subreddits is quite easy and this is no exception. Keep scrolling down like you are moving from her lips down her breast, her hips and finally her wet wide open pussy. If you are too dumb to understand my parable, I mean Scroll down until you find what you want.

    The rules of the community are quite easy. Anyone can abide by the rules. Everyone here just wants to wank to videos and pictures with a lavish display of cum. Feed them with it and you will be just fine. If you don’t feel like contributing, enjoy the content you find there, wank to them and see how much load you can pour out.

The Beautiful Cum Eaters Of r/Cumfetish

    I have never tasted cum and can’t tell how nutritious it is but from the way these girls eat cum you can tell they love how it tastes. Until you visit a place like this, you might never know all the things that can be done with cum. The sluts on display here unlocks all the secret potentials of cum. That white gooey substance you shoot from your rock hard missile launcher. Feel free to watch and jerk off to as many videos on the subreddit as your dick can handle. The community is very active, there are about 1.3 million members with at least a thousand online at every given moment. Now that’s a lot of people to interact with. Make cum loving friends but remember not to break the rules.

What I Think Of Cumfetish

    There are many things that can be done with cum that most people do not know about. A community like this enlightens you on all the possibilities that bad sluts can do with sperm. Apart from the weird explicit kind of education, there is enough to jerk off to, with more being uploaded daily. Cumfetish is definitely a community you should belong to as a cum lover.

CumFetish, CumFetish

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