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YesCams Review

~ Profesionálové ~

Úhledná domovská stránka

Snadná navigace

Ne příliš mnoho reklam

Načítání videí netrvá dlouho

~ Nevýhody ~ 

❌ Špatný design stránek

❌ Site looks Outdated

❌ Many camgirls profiles do not have enough content


    Seems like it’s going to be a yes-day at Yescams! Imagine getting a yes to every request you make to a cam girl, and she says yes. That would make my entire day. I would love to get a yes from a cam girl that is into deep throats, I would do anything to get a yes. Perhaps this site name came out from a yes day where the lady kept moaning Yes! So wild.

    If you wish to make this journey with me, just say the word. It is a yes day, so c’mon, let’s explore Yescam.

Yes, Ma’am, I’m on My Way

    I was hoping not to come across any pop-up requesting for me to say yes or agree that I am mature enough for this content. That would have been so rude, considering today is a yes day. I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed. Let’s hurry, the clock is ticking, Yes day won’t last forever, besides i got a call from some boobies and I acknowledged to be on my way.

    Hitting the Yescam url on your browser takes you to its homepage. This site looks rather too peaceful for its content, yeah, but then I like the subtle look. The site doesn't have so many features from its look, but I believe the available features will be able to make navigation easy.

    First is the Yescams logo, which doesn’t do more than reload the homepage of the site. Moving onto the next line is an array of categories: top cams, females, males, couples, teens, age 31-40, age 20-30, HD cams, and a lot more. Clicking on any of these categories shows you what’s in it, e.g., clicking on females shows you just female cam girls, and clicking on Age 31-40 shows you cam girls between the ages of 31 and 40.

    There is also a broadcast button that gives you information on how to go about registration if you choose to earn money here. The log-in button and sign-up button also exist here for new users and existing users. Below this is a little introduction about Yescams.

    Now we get to bask in the euphoria of the cam girls, a world of boobs and titties, I could sing the praises of them all day without getting tired because they make my cock happy. The homepage of Yescam carries the profile thumbnails of these cam girls. There is an indication of whether these girls are live or not. It also carries their names, ages, and how many viewers they’ve got. There is also an avatar that tells you if or not they are male, female, or a couple.

    They also have a short write-up on their profile thumbnail. Quite a number of these cam girls exist on Yescam. After exhausting the first page of the thumbnail of these girls, you get to see a button that allows you to load more and more.

    Next is a MesStrip model ad that shows you low quality models with a bad camera resolution. There is also a more girls option. Such audacity. To think that these profile thumbnails can not be compared to that of Yescam.

    The bottom of this page simply carries a blog post and article about Yescam, spilling information like a cock jerking off. The information is quite useful, though; you should check them out.

Hello Ma’am I’m Here

    I need to be quick with this before the boobs and titties come out to say hello to my cock. Let’s have a look at the cam girls of Yescam. Clicking on a profile thumbnail takes you to the personal page of the cam girl, where you get to first see an unclad video of them doing what you wish your cock would be doing.

    The only thing you get to see here is their gender, age and location, and then tons of the profile thumbnails of other cam girls, below this is a MeStrip ad, and the page ends with a blog post.

    The profiles of these cam girls is nothing close to being detailed, quite disappointing.

What’s Your Fee Ma’am?

    The profile thumbnail of these cam girls indeed states that you need to tip these girls, but where the problem lies is that you can’t do this except you create an account or sign in. Anyways I’ll brief you about the currency here. The currency to use to tip these girls is called token, and you can purchase this token with the least amount as $4.99 dollar, but just so you can have more token to subscribe to more premium contents, you’ll be needing more. Each amount of token has it worth. So take out the dollar nigga and join the fun, your cock won’t want to hear that you didn’t subscribe to the fun. Remember a happy cock is a happy dude.

What Pornguy thinks of Yescam

    The site is quite simple, but too basic. Navigation is as easy as locating a cunt to perform magic with using your gifted palms. The cam girls here are of good quality, and also have a good video resolution, they are also ready to offer services as long as you appreciate them with tips.

YesCams, YesCams

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