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    What comes to your mind when you see or hear things about hamsters? Perhaps the fact that they are friendly, enthusiastic, and good to keep as pets. Imagine having a hamster for company, watching the hamster ride a hamster ball or wheel. How nice will that make you feel?

    I can’t be the only one who expects to see hamsters littered all of this homepage, maybe running on a ball or eating some carrots. Well, hamsters can get scared or aggressive if they feel threatened, so make sure you tread gently on your way to its homepage to avoid getting bitten.

    Moving onto our business, let us take a look at xhamsterlive.com. This site introduces us to the hamsters of xhamsterlive.The satisfaction you get from watching a hamster ride a ball or wheel is nothing compared to the sensational feeling that would be gotten from the hamster models here. Think of being rode on like a horse on its way to war. Sheesh!

The Sand Dunes of the Hamsters

    Warning! You might need to ensure you are well-balanced with enough stamina because the view on the homepage of xhamsterlive.com can throw you off balance. Goodness gracious, the cunts and titties on this page gives you more than a thousand reason to wank and jerk off. All I want to do right now is stroke my cock and savour the moment while glancing through the photos of these nude hamsters.

    The homepage of xhamsterlive is quite an interesting one, every feature is almost screaming perfection.

    Just like your pants hold your balls, the top right side of the page holds a create-free account button and a log-in button. So, if you are an existing user, all you have to do is log in, and if not, go ahead and create a free account. Good news, horny cocks, with or without an account, you get to have a full-course meal. Beside these buttons is a search bar that allows you to search for models, categories, countries, and tip menus.

    On this same line are the top models' button, the live button, the xhamsterlive logo, and a menu bar. The top model's button, when clicked on, takes you to a different page that introduces you to the top-rated girls of the month. I guess top-rated means the sexiest and most brilliant of all. It would be so nice to have my cock pummel the cunt of a top rated Just beneath this line is another line that holds different options of preferences, such as girls, couples, guys, and trans.

    There is a home button, feed, recommended, favourites, and watch history buttons. Further scrolling reveals different categories such as specials, age, ethnicity, body type, hair, private shows, and popular. At the end of this list is an all-categories button, which, when clicked, shows other categories.

    The centre of this page carries the photos of the hamsters, several of them, so you have enough to choose from. These photos are classified into different categories, such as African, Top free webcams, VR, etc. Further scrolling reveals so many pictures of beautiful cunts and titties, and just at the end of these photos is a see more button, which, when clicked, loads more photos of these beautiful ladies. This sounds like danger, be careful when reloading the cunts and titties of these ladies so you don’t blow off your cocks. The bottom of this page holds a brief information about xhamsterlive.com.

    The homepage is an interesting one because of the features it carries, and it is also very easy to navigate.

The Hamster’s Homepage

    I would love to sit and watch a hamster ride a cock while gently rubbing the fluid from her cunt on the balls of the cock, all this while I gently caress my cock with the same rhythm. We might as well check the hamster’s categories; maybe we'll find what we seek. There are different categories of ladies here, such as African, Top Free Webcams, VR, and many others. A click on any of these categories takes you to a page that contains more photos of these ladies, and the lady homepage does not differ so much from the main homepage of xhamsterlive.com as they both have similar features.

    I heard African ladies are known to be naturally endowed with big asses and large boobies. I wonder what feeling it would give to have one caress and fuck herself while I sit back and watch. Clicking on African takes you to the African Webcams with Girls Live, and just next to this is a blue tick, which signifies that the category is verified. Just below this are three filter buttons that enable you to filter the appearance of the lady you need, ranging from age to ethnicity, hair, and traits. I hear ladies between 25-30 give more satisfaction, especially if she is a brunette with very long hair, which, when pulled, makes her release a soft moan. The next button allows you to filter private shows, and then the last button allows you to filter available activities from oil shows to jerk-off instructions, handjobs, etc.

    Below are erotic photos of these ladies, either dressed in lingerie or pummeled by dicks. A click on any of these profile thumbnails reveals the profile of the lady, and the profile of any of these ladies reveals a nude video of these ladies.

    Make sure you have your warm dish of lotion before hitting on the profile of any of these ladies because you will need it to ease your wands of the tension that will build up in your balls as a result of the finger-licking cunts you’ll see.

    An overall view of the Hamsters homepage is that it is very interesting and has lots of videos, enough to keep you wanking for a day and more.

The Hamsters Reward

    Hamsters love to be taken care of and rewarded, too. Just what do the hamsters of xhamsterlive love? Let’s find out.

    So, searching the nooks and crannies of xhamsterlive.com, there’s no specified rate or price that these camgirls charge for a show, but an estimate would be between $30 and $70 per hour. Quite a reasonable rate, if you ask me.

What Pornguy think of xhamsterlive.com

    The site is very easy to navigate because it is very simple to comprehend; words are written in English; the font size and colours scream perfection, and above all, there are enough ladies to choose from.

XHamsterLive, XHamsterLive

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