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SkyPrivate Review

~ Profesionálové ~

Lots of payment methods are available

Thousands of Skype models online

Interactive toys available

Models online are verified

Custom-made videos

~ Nevýhody ~ 

❌ You’ll need to add funds before calling


    If you randomly heard about a site named SkyPrivate you would be forgiven for thinking you’re about to get on some exclusive website for booking a private flight. But SkyPrivate.com is air miles away from that, instead of flights to foreign destinations we’ll be descending dick-first into the smutty side of the internet.

    To be fair, this porn site would feel like a foreign destination to any fapper that is used to spilling their liquids to regular free tube porn sites or typical cam sites. No, you’re not gonna find regular porn videos but here you can make private Skype calls to thousands of models sitting in their rooms and waiting to see and hear your sweaty wanking efforts as they try to please you.

    With this SkyPrivate review, we’ll see whether the creators behind the site are on to something or if we’d all rather go back to fighting for the model’s attention with other hardcore horny wankers on regular cam sites.

Taking off on SkyPrivate

    When you first get on the homepage of Skyprivate you’ll be greeted by a cover photo signed model. Usually, this is a super slutty model that is a regular on the site. Of course, since the site is in the business of costing you both your spunk and your cash you’ll see a huge icon saying “Skype Call Her”. Taking your eyes off that cover model you’ll see that “Pay per minute” is slapped under the site's name on the home page.

    Below on that homepage are thumbnails of the models that are online. Clearly, these models must’ve taken a class in advertising because It’s kinda impressive seeing how some of them can fit their voluptuous asses with their faces showing too in that tiny thumbnail picture. You’ll also be allowed the option to view all the models when you run out of models on the homepage.

    Some of the models go a step further than showing their ass; they devote a section of their picture to advertising the price they charge per minute when you’re on a Skype call with them. You could see a model charging 1 dollar per minute and also see one that charges up to $13. Ultimately your cock is gonna have to make a hard decision on whether the model you wanna call is worth the price to pay.

    You’re gonna see a lot of features on the homepage that are meant for new models seeking to be a part of SkyPrivate so you can just ignore those. Unless you are secretly a gorgeous girl with super perky titties that we can’t miss. In that case, I’ll maybe even be the first to give you a call.

Bird's eye view of SkyPrivate

    Signing up is free, but before you go tap dancing in joy it’s important to know that this site is waiting around the corner with a pistol demanding that you add funds of at least up to $25 before you can get to call the model of your choice. Apparently, they do not want any freeloaders shooting their loads in this space.

    The site accepts BTC, LTC, ETH, and USDC from members so this will be great news for adulterers everywhere who wouldn’t like their wives searching and following the money trail to find out why the cash for groceries keeps getting shorter after each bathroom visit.

    Anyway, I’m in search of the model to look at to get a feel of what profiles are like on SkyPrivate, and without much thought I landed on the profile of the cover photo signed model, as I know you would be tempted to as well. The current one is a model named Ruby Romanov.

    Her profile displays that she charges $2 per minute so we are gonna say she’s a little considerate of pervert’s pockets. There are the usual options for sending a tip and the one for Purchasing a session with her. Below those are a whole new set of options. You can get to see her profile where she tells you her life story and her motivations for sending blood down to your cock.

    You’ll also have access to reviews of her, a store to purchase HD videos of her, and also to purchase tributes, custom videos, sexting, and a Skype session. They even let you send a custom amount to get her attention in case you’re a secret billionaire wishing to splurge.

    At the bottom of the profile is where you’ll find free short erotic videos of the models that are meant to serve as sexy bait for you. To bite, all you have to do is watch them, get crazy horny, and then go pay for a session. Mission accomplished for SkyPrivate.

What The Porn Guy Thinks of SkyPrivate

    I came to SkyPrivate with an open mind not knowing what to expect or if I’ll be blown away here. After all, the site is offering what a lot of cam sites do not; a direct video connection to lots of models that’ll do what you want without competing for their attention during a circle jerk with their other fappers or paying through your teeth in tips for an audience with them.

    They have new models joining in every day and they managed to have an easy-to-use site so they’ll get a high five from me with my free hand for now. But beware, every minute you spend with a model on SkyPrivate is just another minute closer to feeling like you’re paying through your teeth.

SkyPrivate, SkyPrivate

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