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CrazyShit Review

~ Pros ~

Has categories like extreme content, fights, slutty, WTF etc

In the top 500 most popular free porn sites on the planet

The homepage is almost totally ad free and easy to navigate

Very interactive comments section under each video

Each video has a like or dislike tab so you can see the rating

~ Cons ~ 

❌ You can only search or pick category, there is no search filter

❌ When you first enter the site you gotta close a pop up


    Want to see some crazy shit? Then get in line you old fuddy, you! Today, we will be reviewing some extreme porn sites and one of these goes by the memorable name of CrazyShit.com. As you might imagine, there are lots of crazy stuff right there, some of which could give you nightmares for the rest of your life! Here, you can get to see all manner of erotic, wild, extreme and insanely disturbing video of the type you don’t usually see on TV.

    Are you ready? Then gird your loins and prepare to step into our CrazyShit review.

Shit Gets Crazy Right Quick!

    The CrazyShit homepage is where to start this review. It boasts a dark background that is more than a little bit scary. But don’t piss your drawers yet!

    Right at the top of the page, just beneath the site logo is the Categories tab. Clicking on this brings forth such categories as WTF, slutty, fights and more. Some other tabs lead you right to porn games, sexually enhancing drugs and more than a few porn/gore sites.

    At the top right is an option to either login or register at the site. There are advantages to this, like being able to comment on the content and upload a few. Account registration is free too and speedy.

    The top half of the CrazyShit homepage is taken up by some popular photos and videos. These have information that lets you know how much they have been viewed, when they were uploaded and by whom, and the total number of comments they have had so far. All the content is downloadable and you can add them to your Favorites if you like them.

    Further down are content arranged by date, as well as some trending videos. Right at the very bottom of the page are links to porn sites and porn review sites, with the likes of ThePornDude and MrPornGeek making the list.

Content Of Gore

    As this is an extreme site, it is not all that surprising to see that most of the content is about gore, death, mutilation and some other disgusting stuff. Expect to see folks getting beaten or sliced to death, though there is plenty of porn content to get excited about.

    You can see images and vids of babes getting their booty spanked, their holes ravaged by erect cocks and their boobs sucked nearly dry!

What We Think

    We have seen some crazy shit in our short lives, but the content at CrazyShit.com takes the cake! It boasts a large amount of content that updated daily, has a big and vocal community, and all the gore and cock thrusts your life ever needed. We do think that the site could use some polish and the frequent adverts can be distracting. But overall, this is one crazy site worth visiting!

crazyshit, CrazyShit

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