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Comixzilla Review

~ Pros ~


No Ad's

Lots of stuff

Lots of featured tags and categories

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Content lack dates or marking of any sort

❌ Content sorting options are average

❌ Very average homepage design

❌ Content upload schedule is very unclear


    I frankly thought that my eye-popping moments are behind me. And then I went on a trip to Comixzilla.com and was lucky to walk away with my eyeballs intact in their sockets! I mean, this toon site has some pretty impressive 3D stuff that that boner of mine appears to like the taste of. Who knew!

    Here’s my Comixzilla.com review. Yes, I do like the site, but I still have to review it to fulfill all righteousness and prevent some wankers for calling for my head and accusing me of favoritism. As if I can’t swear on all that I hold dear that my boner is the only thing on this planet that I’ve ever played favorites with!

Pretty Small Operation

    Comixzilla is kinda small. And simple. I went there thinking I would be introduced to a palace, but a village hut was what I saw!

    The site has a black background color and a homepage design that lacks frills, plus a trio of comic image thumbnails. Yeah, there's just a trio of content on the homepage, and why this was not instead filled with content arranged in varied sections is what I find it difficult grasping.

    Alphabetically arranged tags like Adventures, Anal, BDSM, Transformation, and Yuri are at the bottom of the page, while the top part of the page hosts tabs in a blue header. The site logo is present and it is nothing special. It is right next to the Home, 3DComics, Hentai, Interracial, and Western, Cartoon, and More Comics tab. The latter is equipped with a pull-down menu and this rather than allowing a deeper dive into stuff, merely takes you off-site to other toon sites and a porn review site- the Porndude actually. The other tabs can be effectively used for content sorting and each has a main page with a pull-down menu where content can be sorted to taste.

    At the top right of the homepage is a search bar. This doesn’t have any advanced search functionality though. Not that I honestly expected it to. But for once being pleasantly surprised might have been nice.

    Still remember the bunch of tags at the bottom of the homepage that I talked about like a second ago? Good. There are Read By Tag- Artist and Go To All Latest Comic Page buttons just above them.

    The former lets you choose between varied tags and categories and once you do you can decide to see a random selection of content, or the most recent, most discussed, commented on, most viewed, and voted. Categories in this section include Hentai, BOT Comics, MILF Toon, and Indian Porn. The other button does what it says and points that sharp boner you are hiding away to the most recent content it needs to get acquainted with.

    I would say that overall Comixzilla.com clearly does not want their homepage to impress because it assuredly does not. Or maybe they are the shy type and allergic to flashy homepage designs that are better user-optimized. Who knows!

Fuck A Comic

    Kindly don’t take the header above to mean that I intend going to an open mic night in my neck of woods and bending over the first comedian I see for a good bit of ass damaging fuck! The header is just meant as a reference to one of the three content image thumbnails on the Comixzilla homepage that got me so horny I forgot where I was and what I was doing and spilled hot coffee on my beloved Macbook. That was a tragedy and your thoughts and prayers would do a lot to console me!

    The comic I was talking about is titled Pigking3D-Butterface-Gammer7. Yeah, it does sound like some sort of code, hopefully not for a missile launch! So, the image thumbnail of this Pigking stuff showcases a lady who looks a little like a Neanderthal. She has some impressive tits and is pictured holding the cock of her partner and looking like she was seriously considering biting off the cock in her hand and using the meat to make a sausage roll!

    Anyway, this 3D particular comic is rather good. The woman question is actually sweet-looking once you see her in other photos. She has a massive butt and a thicc body, while her partner has a cock that’s uncommonly straight and thick. The comic was essentially about their having sex in a public bathroom and the woman is the guy’s mother-in-law. Also in the same comic is stuff about a guy fucking his mom, who incidentally looks a lot like the woman I just detailed.

    This Pigking comic was put together by a guy called Frank Romano and he clearly knows what he’s doing. Character conversation needs more polish though. But there isn’t much otherwise to complain about.

    After having a look at the Pigking thing I decided to check out stuff in the Western tab in the hope of seeing a native American lass taking a pilgrim hostage and getting him addicted to her sweet puss! That wasn’t to be, however, as while there’s lots of stuff in the Western section, most do not appear to be Western-inspired. Sample titles include Girl Body Heat 2, ZZZ Jurassic GTS 3, Weekend Alone 5, The Sexy Gun, and Grin And Bare It 04. The latter is a mish-mash and how it ended up in the Western comic section is what I have no intention of comprehending!

    Now, reading comics here has its good and bad sides. There’s a normal and extreme zoom function in place and neither works as it should. The good news is that most comic pages can be read without the zoom function being activated. But once you do require zoom, what you get is either too little or too much. In the case of the latter, you will have to click on the page you are on and move it up and down with your cursor to see everything on that particular page. It would have been better having a zoom function that accurately fits your PC screen.

    Anyway, once you are reading a comic, all its pages will be displayed and you can browse through them via slideshow one at a time, or pick which ones you want to sack out on and go right to them. A selection of categories, as well as related content, are at the bottom of each comic page and that means you can quickly get out of whatever boring comic you might currently be poring over.

    But then, the most important thing worth knowing is that comments and ratings are not supported here. With that being the case I wonder exactly how Comixzilla.com knows which are the most discussed, and most voted content. Plus all content lacks dates, so there’s no way you can tell how recent they are. And while we are on this topic, you need to know that the pull-down menu within each main tab that I talked about earlier are essentially worthless and return the same results no matter the option clicked on. That sucks!

What I Think of Comixzilla

    Let’s be charitable and believe that Comixzilla is something that a guy juggling 4 jobs put together on a whim. That would explain the very average homepage design, the fact that all content have titles and nothing else, and the very limited content sorting options available.

    But if you ignore all that, you will just like I did find some good sides to this comic site that you might grow to love. Or at least tolerate it with the long-suffering patience of a saint intent on getting a palatial mansion in heaven where he can wank in peace and comfort!

comixzilla, Comixzilla

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