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r/CollegeAmateurs Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of college amateurs doing cool fucking shit their parents know nothing of

Active Community

Large community

~ Cons ~

❌ No Advertising


    Hey Naughty boy, I've got news for you, I mean the type I'm sure you'd like, Ever fucked a college girl? You know what I mean? Short-skirted, college girls, yeah, right!!! You like those short skirts right? Yes, I know you do, well it's no news how hot these girls are, where'd you like to place her? On the table or the couch, well the choice is yours, but what better way to eat than on your table, your hands and I mean both hands slowly moving underneath her short, check-printed skirt, with her legs spread wide open on your table, the enjoyable thing is you could go from slight, then wide, and then extra wide, ou-la-la-Ma-Ma-Mia, while you get your cutleries ready cause it's about to rain pussy, where her panties at? You naughty naughty boy, you are so naughty and good at this I must say, slowly and slowly, you unlock each button of her Uniform. How sensual, you just cannot wait to get to work, well Bon Appétit!!

    When's her next class?? Oopss… Guess) there's no more classes for today cause you are teaching her LESSONS… How ironic, I'll let you get right to it, you are just a click away to actualizing these…Well, sorry fucker brother that ain’t for today or at least not right now. And that’s because my save-your-ass-from-boring-content review is here again and today it’s all about those asses in college skirts.

    Sometimes excitement comes from what you least expected, but then you get it, and waoh, you're blown away. You know what they say about college girls? Your guess is as good as mine. Of course, they're in their flower years and have the fullest of endowments, with standing breasts, succulent pussies, and… oh my world, mind-blowing ideas to drive you insane sexually. You may want to get hooked up with one of these, right! I see you smiling affirmatively.

    Now tell me, what body size(s) and structures get(s) you to the moon? No matter what you fantasize about, you'll definitely find them among college girls. You know the kinda energy these folks exude can drain you out completely, your stress and worries. You know what I think right now, this is the kind of therapy you should long for. You stressed to the dick fellas like myself. Should you just wait no longer to delve into this subreddit and satisfy your urge with original content from these hell-hot college girls? Yeah for just as long as it takes to gulp this review down your boner.

What Do They Say About College Girls Again? Ask Reddit CollegeAmateurs

    Reddit CollegeAmateurs is a community for amateurs girls showing college pride. Pictures and videos of college amateurs. These girls are exhibiting youthful exuberance and self discovery. Every girl wants to be seen and complimented, reminding them of their unblemished beauty and endowments. Being a crazy fucker, this is a must-search community for your perusal. CollegeAmateurs does not have a specified creation date but it has over 1million members and about 469 people online daily all of whom are actively searching for a particular video, site or person. The contents are females only with several videos of girls going nude for your fapping.

    Only contents of college girls showing their nudity with pride which comes from in different formats, as long as they are from an accepted image host. The contents are restricted to girls and women only. You can’t your fellow man while scrolling through the page. These ladies do so indoors without any infringement of their privacies.

    As a potential fucker guy, all you do is sit back, relax, and relish the sexy videos of these chicks and sultry college girls. It is all you will ever see in this community.

Just Bitches And OnlyThem On r/CollegeAmateurs

    No hardcore contents are allowed ; You won’t find any ass-drilling contents of any sort on here. For many of you fuckers who would love to hook up with these girls for a hot sex, bad news! You aren’t allowed to use your freaky cocks on them.

    No dudes, or crossdressers; Only females showing their body elegance are permitted to post on here. You will be banned. Only fans and others pay to view promotion; this implies to advert in titles or comment.

    Spamming; Just like other Reddit communities, spamming is completely prohibited. You will be banned if found spamming. Do not ask or bait for upvotes on this community. If not, you will be kicked out immediately.

What I Think of CollegeAmateurs

    This is a community where these girls have the liberty to share their nudes for your perusal without having to through the hurdles of searching other sites for nude videos. You sure will find these beautiful, naked, horny ladies appealing and wholesome at every end of the scroll. Rest assured, you won’t lose the vibes so easily. This community is a halt to your long search for hot college girls with free boobs and pussies to satisfy your lustful desires. Why the wait? Go for it!

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