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CollarSpace Review

~ Pros ~

The site uses a minimalist approach

It is free to use

They have an interactive forum

~ Cons ~

❌ The site's design needs time to get used to


    CollarSpace, even from the sound of it seems BDSM-related. Although in my case, when I have my submissive bitch in a collar, there's hardly ever any collar space coupled with the fact that my huge dick would be so far in her throat that she'll just have to evolve and start breathing dick like she deserves to be.

    This site claims to be the largest BDSM community but does that mean that it is the best or if it is even half decent? Well if you wanted to know, my CollarSpace.com Review is here to save the day. I'm gonna be pulling on the hair of this site, slapping and whipping its ass so much that it'll have no choice but to tell me all the secrets that it's holding tight in its pussy. Join me then.

Space For Hardcore BDSM At CollarSpace?

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've got this site dressed up in a gimp suit and I've brought out all my tools and equipment. I fully intend to see the fear in its eyes and absolutely submissive behavior as I am about to get on its homepage.

    The homepage as it turns out happens to be the torturer and I'm starting to feel like the one that is in the gimp suit. It opens up to a white background that is terrible for the eyes and a design that seems like Stevie Wonder branched out into website design. There are so many tiny options that they're expecting me to fill and there's a picture of some bearded guy in Canada for some reason.

    I'll have to go shoot some pure adrenaline up my dick to survive this site.

    The site looks as if it was made in the 90s for users wanting a dirty glory hole experience online, or maybe the owners are those sort of hippies that would rather die than make any changes to their site. In the section named “Users Online", they display their usernames, and I can see that the bearded guy is among the people who are online right now. Their location and age are also displayed just beside the usernames.

    Above that section is the one I've been dreading all this time because of how many options they make you have to input. To register, you'll have to create a username, put in your gender identity, your sexual orientation, your state, your country, your sexuality, your ethnicity, the age range you desire, maximum weight and minimum height of the people you want on your bed, what you seek in a potential partner. You'll also be asked to tick if you're willing to relocate, and if you want pictures or videos only. Phew!

Less Is More On CollarSpace!

    The majority of people that you can meet here are from the US but once in a while you'll see folks from the UK and I even saw Italy, so that means this site isn't just restricted to North American users. Most of the users are not even verified but you'll see some users with a gold symbol that has a crown in it. That's gotta mean they've been approved by the site for BDSM pleasures. They're rare so that just means you'll have to cross your nuts and pray it's a real person you're chatting with.

    Once you click on the username of who you're interested in, you'll be taken to another page that shows their pictures and a write-up about why they want you to be in chains choking on their bulbous balls. The girl that I clicked on happened to be a dominant type and even though she said she's partially disabled and can't make use of one of her arms too well, she's positive that you'll be begging and screaming for more.

    If you look to your right while on the homepage, there are even more options there like we aren't already having to deepthroat enough options already. One of these options is a forum for those who want to discuss their tools, methods, and the BDSM styles that have been passed down in their family for generations like it's a secret recipe for Parmesan garlic linguini. You'll also find announcements for upcoming events like fetish parties.

    I was looking for the part where they inevitably ask you to pay for their membership subscription so you can unlock some useful features. Surprisingly and refreshingly, this is not one of those types of sites. Everyone here is not charged a dime and there is no need for a free trial where you have to keep an eye on them so they don't begin sneakily charging you like we see so often.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of CollarSpace

    I started off on this site complaining about how simple and old this site feels to me but then I remembered that I have a thing for Milfs, so after some more time hanging this site upside down and fucking it like I am about to have my last fuck before becoming a solitary monk, I have finally seen it's beauty. You can't be absolutely certain that the people you are chatting with are real, so you'll have to be on your guard, but when you do find the real people that excite the cum out of you, you'll be glad that I recommended this site to your horny ass.

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