Classificadosx, Classificadosx

Classificadosx Review

~ Pros ~

Offers a very wide range of services

Free to use

Colorful homepage

Very extensive filtering options

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Cluttered and messy site design

❌ Language optimization leaves much to be desired

❌ Only for those in Portugal


    So, this weekend I wanted to see what a Portuguese escort site looked like. Fate directed me to Classificadosx.net and boy, the things I saw and heard there has corrupted me beyond my parents’ worst nightmares!

    Anyway, in case you might be interested in learning about and from my experiences, here’s my Classificadosx review. Be sure to read it and learn, rather than reading and cumming like you got a fire hydrant jammed in your ass!

The Portuguese way!

    The Classificadosx homepage might take some getting used to and no, I am not being complimentary! The homepage is one of the most cluttered I have seen in my short time on this pussy-obsessed world, with ads and stuff everywhere and your brain frantically trying to find an empty space to rest on.

    The top left of the page has a cartoonish figure of a very well endowed lass blowing on a birthday cake and the page background and site color show a lot of pink. The Home, Help, Blog, and Information tabs are atop the homepage. Beneath this are the language options, with Portuguese being the default site language.

    The top of the homepage also has a search bar, plus some extensive filtering options. These let you choose from men, women, gays, lesbians, masseurs, BDSM, fetishes, disabled sex workers, virtual sex, and more. You can use options found there to choose in which district of Portugal your preferred escort will be in, her hair color, nationality, age, body type, availability and so much more.

    Scroll down and you will find the right side of the homepage filled with escort ads and blogs, while the right has category lists to pick and choose from.

Classified Escorts

    To kick things off, I clicked on the Female Strippers category on the homepage. This brought up 3 results. One of these was for a bar and night club, while the other 2 was for actual strippers willing to shake their stuff in your face. Their profiles were quite detailed, with personal information listed. No phone number as provided, but a Skype link lets you contact them via Skype and there’s a message function that lets you send them messages on the site itself.

    I then took myself to the Ladies section. This had escorts of all types. Some of their profiles were detailed enough to include their precise address. The girls in this section have a phone number listed and this is the only way of contacting them. Also, for some reason, almost every girl here conceals her face. I don’t know why, but I don’t think they are ashamed of folks getting to know that they suck cock and take it up the ass for a living.

    All profiles that I have seen so far look genuine and come with an image or images. Each also has a unique identifying number, so you can bet that the chance of getting scammed here is low.

What I Think

    Classificadosx is a mixed bag. On one hand, it has a lot of options and is a place where you can find folks you can pay to engage in virtually any cumming activity with you, but on the other hand, it is not as well arranged and optimized as it should be. Talking of optimization, while the site has an English language option, some stuff is still not translated, which means you need a translating software open all the time you are there.

    Overall, considering the free and easy nature of it all and the wide range of services it is prepared to render, I would recommend Classificadosx. But do remember it is useless to you unless you are in Portugal and need to keep your cock company.

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