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ClassicPornBest Review

~ Pros ~


Lots of porn categories

very vintage porn videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Lots of spam and ads

❌ Bad site design

❌ No video preview

❌ No download option

❌ Slow to load videos


    The ultimate calling for my cock has been the pussies of old milfs and cougars because only their stretched-out cunt can properly take in the full length. So I thoroughly enjoy watching vintage porn with ladies yelling in odd languages when they get reamed from behind.

    ClassicPornBest is a tribute to the days when porn was nothing more than fucking in crazy positions with hairy cunts and tiny tits and women who were in charge and, at the same time, submissive. Whether you're trying to quell your old itch or satisfy a new one, this ClassicPornBest review will tell you if this is the website for you.

Lusty Cum of Old

    Why these vintage sites stick to dull colors is a mystery to PornGuy. Maybe they believe it brings back the memories of old classic films, but as the topmost authority on everything porn, I say go flashy and bright. Spread the joy around as a horny milf spreads her well-lube cunt for the local men to ram.

    Picking this vintage site apart is as hard as telling the difference between the widened butts of identical twins I have just reamed. ClassicPornBest follows the respected tradition of all vintage porn sites with a dull background and a big logo on top. Next to this is a large search bar that I find you can easily use to search the site for the most vintage classics. Like I mean, when you want to watch the hairiest cunt get smashed or the cuckold boobs of an old granny being suckled. You just search and boom, all the videos with the hairy cunt your cock would need to get going will be shown. I mean, it doesn't get any simpler. Beneath that is a very long intro telling viewers what wonder the site has in store for them. I don’t know why they felt the need to whip out their cock in public, we already know this is a classic porn site.

Vintage Display of Sexy Penetration

    There is an obvious reason these simple-minded classics have lasted this long, and it is because they get the basics of pure fucking right. Take a look at the double penetration video of Sweet Caroline in the Doggystyle category. I mean, sweet Caroline is taking it from the back while double sucking the cocks of two guys in front of her. At one point, she demanded they keep giving her the cock to suck, and they even went for the triple with a cock in each hole. That right there is a prime classic, no doubt. They don’t make porn like this again with all these fake tits and ass floating around.

    While ClassicPornBest has an amazing collection of vintage porn, the site layout and sorting arrangement of each category is very terrible. The videos are not organized in any particular order, making it more difficult to find a specific collection of videos that appeal to your tastes. I mean, yes, we know you have a nice collection of hairy smuts and that was the fashion. But you have to group them in an orderly manner, so it would save a lot of time and help keep the boner going. I had to spend some time with one hand on the mouse and one on my massive stiff cock, searching for the extreme category so I could release my cum stream.

What the PornGuy thinks of ClassicPornBest

    The collection of retro porn is okay, but the spam and ads, the slow loading times, and the jigsaw puzzle of the categories are a big letdown.

ClassicPornBest, ClassicPornBest

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