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Cheggit Review

~ Pros ~

cheggit, CheggitMostly adult porn content

cheggit, Cheggitquite a bit of seeders

cheggit, CheggitCreating an account is quick, easy and free

cheggit, CheggitSite is well organized

~ Cons ~ 

cheggit, CheggitPoor site design

cheggit, CheggitAccount needed before site can be used

cheggit, CheggitLots of rules on the site

cheggit, CheggitSite content is a little low


    We sure have been more than a little playful at the office. Then came the news that we were supposed to review a porn torrent site by the name of Cheggit.me. A joker quipped that it sounded like something a habitual drunk would say when faced with a hairy vagina belonging to a grandmother! Cheggit actually means something like “Check It,” and that is good to know. Now, on to this Cheggit review and a description of its varied charms.

Check Yourself, Hommie!

    From what our eyes can see, Cheggit is not in the business of handing out free porn torrents. Everything on the site is hidden, with the homepage showing a blue wall that has links to porn torrent sites like Booty Tape and porn review sites like The Porn Dude. Registration is required to access the juicy delights this site comes with. It is OK if you don’t want to register, but that means you will spend days and nights staring at the Cheggit homepage and trying to imagine the kind of sinfully cum-filled stuff that lies inside it!

    In case you were wondering, yes, registration is free. The whole registration process takes two minutes at the most, and at the end of it all, you will be presented with enough top-end porn to make you go blind!

    The content here is quite varied and the seed numbers are robust. The site design is not all that appealing, but then who cares about glossy webpages when the sole purpose of visiting such torrent sites is to download porn that makes your cock feel like an anaconda that needs to shed its skin and swallow a fresh cunt!

    Regardless of what your fantasies might be, we are confident you can see it playing out on Cheggit.me. There, tight teen babes with angelic faces and pert little booties eat BBCs that are longer than their legs and get plowed so hard by these monster cocks that you can almost see their cervix break into pieces! Squirting, masturbation and MILF action are featured too and there are enough hot babes with big jugs full of juice to make you so thirsty!

    Lest we forget, Cheggit requires all site users to have a good ratio. If that does not happen, such users will face restrictions on the stuff they can download.

What We Think

    Sweet site design is surely not the kind of stuff Cheggit.me excels at, but there are so many porn torrents there that you can forgive them anything. The content is well organized too and things work as they should. Do yourself a favor by leaving the local girls alone and showing your dick some good times over at Cheggit.me!