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CFake Review

~ Pros ~

8,640 pages of images and 138 pages of videos

Daily updates

Comprehensive selection of tags

~ Cons ~

❌ Wack site design

❌ Wack user options

❌ Wack content quality

❌ Wack search options


    Two decades ago no one had a smartphone and apple was just the fruit that the local preacher kept insisting Eve gave to Adam and so fucked up humanity's chance of smelling paradise again. And here we are in the year 2022, with mobile phones that would have looked like sci-fi rejects just a decade or so ago, plus personal computing equipment whose performance could put previous supercomputers owned by NSA to shame.

    But there are always good and bad sides to progress and one bad side is just how easy it is to make and release extremely convincing deep fakes of anyone, like the ones over at CFake. Here is my CFake.com review. Read it and weep for the soul of your orgasm-faking ex!

Be Glad You Are Not A Cock-Sucking Celeb!

    You know, I can close my eyes and think a little bit and that famous Kim K sex tape would unfailingly play in its entirety in my head. That sure is a testament to how many times I watched that particular sex tape. And by the way, I better note that Kim K has a fat pussy and would be my number 1 cum dump if the almighty gave me the power to drill any celeb I wanted for as long as her pussy can hold up to my jackhammer horse dick!

    Now, CFake is shorthand for Celeb Fakes. That means it's got deep fakes of famous bitches like Victoria Justice, Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson, Ariana Grande, and even Kate Middleton. That’s right, there are deep fakes of Prince William’s wife here and if I looked hard enough I might even find deep fake nudes of the late queen, but that I am not gonna do since my eyeballs can only take so much!

    So, CFake.com has a homepage that impresses about as much as a week-old cow patty does. I am not saying that it is very bad. But it is just too average and lacks distinguishing features. You can find sites that look like it without trying and that’s stupid because, in a world that’s overrun with porn, one massive thing that a porn site can do to get ahead of the pack is to look different and present their collections in a different and very memorable way.

    Anyway, CFake employs a black background, with deep yellow accents atop the page. There’s a Light mode, but it is at the bottom of the homepage and easy to miss.

    The site logo is at the top left and a basic search bar is at the top right, with some bats flying within the top one inch of the page. I guess those critters are there for Halloween and far as I know, the only fella that likes bats is Batman. Sure, I have seen videos of Asians eating fried bats, but that doesn’t count.

    Okay, let’s get back to business. The main tabs on CFake are housed within a yellow header atop the homepage. These are Home, Videos, Uploads, Celebrities, and Tags, and over to the right are signup and register links. Registering is free and should take around 30 seconds. Membership lets you create your list of favorite videos and images, but it does not give you the ability to connect with other deep fake porn fans and talk over your fantasies and fantasy celeb fuckathons!

    As expected, all the tabs do what they say, but there are no profile pages in the Celebrities tab. Moreover, the tags in the Tags tab can be sorted alphabetically or by popularity and content uploads is a members-only event.

Fake It Till You Fuck It!

    A while ago I complained about how average this celeb-deep fake porn site looks and most of that has to do with how needlessly content thumbnails are stuffed on every inch of homepage real estate. The thumbnails here are arranged six per row and that crowds things up very uncomfortably. Seeing them like that keeps making me angry because any good porn site admin should have known better than to let his homepage and other pages be overcrowded like that.

    Now, the newest deep fakes come first on the homepage, and scrolling down allows access to the most viewed stuff that encompasses celebs, categories, countries, and TV shows. This is followed by content catering to US wankers, dogging-related stuff, and more new videos.

    User options abound in pull-down menus at the right of the homepage. The first of these lets you switch from the newest content to the oldest, most popular, or top-rated. The others let you select content tailored to specific countries, and offer varied categories for your selection. That said, the stuff on the homepage is confusingly arranged and it will take time to get the hang of it.

    While I do not like how tightly content thumbnails are crammed on every available space on every page, I love that these thumbnails are information-packed to a pleasing extent. They have flags that indicate the country of origin of the celeb covered, a rating, and an upload date. There’s also a small i on these thumbnails and when that is clicked, a new page opens that displays information about the celeb covered, like her age, occupation, and even her Wikipedia entry.

    So, for some reason, videos on the site do not have titles. The only thing that serves as a title is the name of the celeb whose deep-faked content is featured.

    At the time of this review, the most popular videos have the likeness of Emma Watson, Emilia Clarke, Scarlet Johansson, and Chloe Grace Moretz. I watched an Emilia Clarke video that was 3 seconds long and it featured her on her knees as a fella cummed in her mouth. One Emma Watson video on the other hand ran to 58 seconds and had her dressed in a very short leather miniskirt and top while acting as a news presenter and discussing her life as a party animal. She later strips, putting her small tits, tiny kitty, and toned body on display.

    While there were no playback issues, playback options remain very limited here. Direct downloads are also not enabled and video quality is typically around or less than 480p. Images are of slightly better quality, but cannot be zoomed in. Plus they can only be viewed one at a time, which is very time-wasting.

What I Think Of CFake

    I am impressed with how much content is on this site and the hard work needed to pull it off. The quality of this porn, the frustrating site design, and the atrocious lack of user options are however a very big concern.

    Given the above, it does seem like I can’t recommend CFake without y’all wanting to string me up on the nearest available yardarm! Still, while this is a very shitty site with less polish than my butthole, it does have some treasures, especially if you are a deep fake fan, and might be worth visiting.

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