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CartoonPornPRO Review

~ Pros ~

Daily updates

Extensive language support

200 plus pages of content

Has albums, comics, and videos

~ Cons ~

❌ No downloads

❌ No advanced search

❌ Basic user options


    Toon porn has no limits. And that makes it an excellent choice for those who like to see the ladies getting dicked down by cocks of human and non-human origin. Toon porn also follows no rules when it comes to logic or biology and that fact was reemphasized for yours truly by a content thumbnail at the top of the Cartoonporn.pro homepage that showed a hot chick with what looked like a horse dick in her mouth.

    Damn if that horsey prick wasn’t stretching her lips wider than the Suez Canal! And here’s to hoping that she has a hollow body, because that’s gonna come in handy for when the horsey fellow she’s doing the nasty with gets her bent over and starts his cocky impalement business all up in her guts!

    Anyway, here is my Cartoonporn.pro review. Read it and weep, or there might be a horse dick all up in your business sooner than you think!

Giddy Up, Pardner!

    Cartoonporn.pro is bright and colorful, though most of the color is provided by the content thumbnails. Site features abound, with a brief About Us at the bottom of the homepage, plus a few tags, while the top left rocks a small list of categories like blowjob, anal, doggy style, and creampie, plus a selection of toon characters like Lara Croft, Harley Quinn, and Tracer.

    There are sign-up and login links on the top right and below that is a basic search bar and language options. 10 languages are supported, including English and it takes barely 30 seconds to sign up for free. Signing up makes making friends easier here, but despite that, there’s apparently no way as of now to send direct messages to site members. These site members can mostly be found in the Community tab and are searchable by gender, country, city, and age. In the aforementioned tab, you can also check out the folks who recently registered, those who are most active, those with the best content popularity, and that kind of thing.

    Home, Categories, Latest, Top  Rated, Most Viewed, Albums, Artists, Characters, and Toons & Games comprise the rest of the main tabs. Toons & Games has hentai videos featuring game characters, ranging from Genshin Impact to Naruto and the Characters tab has all the toon characters you might crave, from Cassie Cage to Tifa Lockheart.

    The rest of the tabs do what they say and perform their content sorting tasks adequately, with Albums hosting 5 pages of images and comics that would prove excellent for your PC or mobile background. You can just be a naughty perv by right-clicking on these and saving them for future wanking sessions! And yeah, the artists tab is worth a view, but only for those hentai aficionados who know who's who in the industry and I wouldn’t be all that surprised to learn that a few of the names in the Artists tab belong to my readers and fans.

A Boon For Toon Goons!

    Content thumbnails on Cartoon Porn have the quality, runtime, and number of views stated. Also featured is a small collection of tags and categories that should serve to clue you in on what the content in each thumbnail is all about, that’s if the title failed to do that.

    So, ThePornGuy being all shades of special and specially blessed, Cartoonporn.pro decided to give me a hella welcome by loading their homepage with enough bestiality content to shock the animalism out of a Minotaur! Yeah, when I logged in for this review, all but one of the first 6 hentai videos on the homepage were about bestiality. The outlier is titled This Simpson Comic Will Make You Throb In No Time.

    I also took a count and of the 48 hentai videos on the homepage arranged in sections like new hentai and popular this week hentai, at least one-third were about bestiality. Nice. Given the type and amount of bestiality XXX on offer here, I wonder if I should alert PETA to go to the home of the Cartoon Porn admin and go see if he’s been doing the nasty with his pet cat and 3 goldfish!

    Anyway, here are a few top-rated video samples: Predator Rapes A Big Boobed Blonde Sarah Bryant In Anal, Sultry 3D Pony Mom Teaches Young Stud How To Fuck, Judy Got Stuck and Fucked From Behind By Red Cock, Little Zoe Gets Captured and Fucked by Minotaur, Big Dick Goblin Rapes A Redhead Girl In The Mouth, Anubis Fucks and Inseminate Lara Croft, POV Lady Dimitrescu Makes You Milk Her Big Rod, and Star Wars- The Battle of Ass Cheeks. The Lady Dimitrescu video was uploaded a year ago and has a 7:11 runtime. This is a 3D video with extremely lush visuals and Lady Dimitrescu is depicted as a big-boned lass with bazungas and a cock bigger than my left leg! All she did in the video was touch herself and fuck something out of the camera frame and that was a big disappointment because I was expecting her to shove that mountain cock of hers into the business end of ThePornDude fella and get him wailing for mummy! And oh, for those of you who like this kind of bitch, there are 24 Lady Dimitrescu videos on Cartoonporn.pro and this is the kind of lady that can fuck a T Rex into extinction!

    Star Wars- Battle of the Ass Cheeks was uploaded 2 years ago and has a runtime of slightly under 10 minutes. In the video, a hottie is being fucked by a sex machine of some sort. She hears a noise, quits what she’s doing, and dresses up to investigate. But then she falls into a trap and is knocked unconscious and fucked six ways to Sunday and 12 ways to Sunday school! She’s then rescued and is so grateful she fucks the rescuer, who’s a bluish sort of girl.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Cartoon Porn

    Cartoon Porn is basic and there’s no ready way to download its many fine videos. But should not having the most far-out site features and not being able to download your favorite toon XXX not matter to you, then this place should serve as your one-stop shop for all things cartoon XXX.

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