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CamBay Review

~ Pros ~

Free and ads

Rad site design

Great update frequency

~ Cons ~

❌ Shitty ads

❌ Some unplayable videos

❌ Basic site features


    Where you formerly had to watch smut on porn sites, these days you can gawp at it all you like on a wide and increasing range of social media platforms. In fact, most of the fapping I do now is to amateur stuff I find on Twitter and I can tell you that the variety is unbelievable.

    You gotta be asking what all these have to do with Cambay.tv. Well, Cambay takes leaks from different social media platforms and live cam sites, loads these on its pages, and invites you to feast on them in every fapping style possible! Here’s my Cambay.tv review. Read it carefully if your love affair with your one-eyed snake is still waxing strong!

Thots And Prayers For Ye Horny Wankers!

    Cambay.tv has a no-frills design. What’s there works and there are enough minimalistic elements in the site design to sodomize a hippo with! But why do that when you could have a more productive time just minding your business, watching the grass grow, and waiting for a piece of space rock to fall on your groin and add an extra foot or two to your woody!

    Now, this leak site looks good, but like I said it’s minimalistic and clean. No ads are in view and the background color of white makes everything pop. There’s a site logo here that looks like a tattooed turtle, plus a basic search bar. Main tabs are okay, but nothing special and consist of partners-in-crime like Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Categories, and Hot Cams. There’s also a good selection of tags like Many Vids, OnlyFans, Porn Chat Video, XXX, Porn, Free and Premium Videos resting like beached logs at the bottom of the homepage.

     A Show All Tags link is present in that location, but clicking on it will either trigger ads or lead you to a blank page. And yeah, ads on this leak site might not be immediately obvious, but they can randomly decide to make an appearance when you click on something, and stuff like that just makes me want to kick my mother-in-law in the nuts! Yup, she’s a ballsy bitch!

    Anyway, I have all the time in the world, so let’s go see what the tabs and their respective pages here are capable of. Clicking the Hot Chat tab usually takes a fella to Stripchat.com. It’s not a bad cam site, but Chaturbate is more my thing, mainly because the incredibly beautiful and talented Sasha Armor is on that platform and I can never tire of staring at her perky tits and wondering if I really should dig into my savings and get her to sell me her worn panties. If I ever pull the trigger on such a purchase, I plan to grind up those undies, mix it with some coke and sniff it off the butt of my pet parakeet!

    There’s a pull-down menu in the Categories page that you can use to sort categories alphabetically, by rating, and number of views/videos. OnlyFans is top here, with almost 35K videos, with Chaturbate, Premium, and ManyVids snapping at its heels. Both the Top-rated and Most Viewed pages also have sorting options that are in the form of a pull-down menu. With this, you can quickly focus on the most viewed/top-rated smut of all time, this month, this week, and today.

    And by the way, all the site features detailed above are par for the course. So, while Cambay.tv has average site features, no one is suggesting the admin should be punished for it by being tied up and shot to pieces by erupting penises merrily launching explosive cum volleys! But I might pay a hundred smackeroos to see something like that happen live!

Big Thots And Wagging Dicks

    Videos on Cambay are housed in nice-looking video image thumbnails. These thumbnails are slightly bigger than average and there’s just enough of them to make the Cambay.tv homepage look as crowded as a birthday party held by nudists right in the middle of a major freeway! Or almost!

    The title, runtime, number of views, and quality are indicated in these thumbnails, with a reassuring number having the HD mark that indicates they are viewable in HD. Content previews are supported, and videos are 7-8 minutes long on average. Updates are regular too, with tens of videos ending up here on the daily. And yeah, that kind of thing is quite sustainable, because thots don’t take a break and there’s always tons of their media for any leak site admin to kind of borrow and paste on their page.

    By the way, many titles on this platform look and sound like alphanumeric codes, or are simply too long. I guess that’s how they were saved by the site admin upon download and upload to Cambay. This is a minor issue, but it pisses me off just the same. Here are some of the better-named sample titles- Jade Reynolds Nude OnlyFans Videos Skinny Babe, Mia Malkova Handjob OnlyFans Insta Leaked Video, Juilcylucie89xxx, and Jennifer Love Black Meat Euro Treats Black Meat Please 2. The latter is of a skinny chick getting nasty with a BBC, while in the second video title listed above, a blonde MILF with amazingly succulent tits has these weighed, kissed, and juggled by her partner. The guy then fucks her from the back while her titties madly clap and applaud. That’s one spectacular video!

    Content playback on this XXX leak site is okay, but there’s nothing like quality adjustment, mainly because they are using a very basic embedded video player. Videos look good however and I didn’t experience any playback issues. They also have a single screenshot, rather than the multiple I have come to expect and all can be commented on and shared. And by the way, do expect to run across videos that refuse to play for no reason.

What I Think of CamBay

    Cambay is nice enough, but as a leak site, it is nothing special.

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