7 myths you wished your grandmother debunked about masturbation

#1. Can masturbating Injure my sex organs?

Let me surprise you even more. Can you believe the people between the age of 20 – 69 years masturbate on an average of 91% in men and around 78% for women? The National Survey of sexual health and behavior in the United States discovered this reality. To take it even further, let me ask if anyone of your friends has shared with you that they have injuries on their sexual organs, if he does not and is not complaining then they are more likely to be among the 90% that enjoy this game. It is mythical that this practice damages the organs unless you do not have natural lubricants or use un smooth items. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with having some self-pleasure.

#2. Does Masturbating deplete my sperm safe?

Commonly misconceived is the idea that masturbation attacks your scrotum and demands for all the sperms like it was borrowed any like the loan officers do at the doorstep when the deadline reaches. Let me tell you what I learned; it unloads sperms off the scrotum and creates room for the generation of others. Not search a bad thing for you if you wanted to use your sperm safe. Well, you could take them to a sperm bank but also this self-pleasure lets them lose. Loosen up if you can and do not worry about this old age myth.

#3. Can masturbating kill my sexual drive?

Have you watched the assassination of a famous person? Does masturbating improve my sex drive? What some people perceive to be the result of masturbation. Here is the twist. Every opportunity you get to excite yourself helps one understand oneself better and know what is right and how you can enjoy during sexual intercourse. Every hideout you have, to rub your genitals develops your sexual skill, and when you get the chance, you seem like a superhero. When she/he says come, you automatically know what to do and do not have to google it at this crucial moment.

#4. Is masturbating not for women?

Can women masturbate? It is not a must to masturbate, but because it is not a bad thing, everyone naturally does it and Dr. Vanessa Cullins, a board member and vice president for medical affairs at Planned Parent Hood. She strongly recommends this because it relaxes the mind, reduces sexual tension, relieves menstrual cramps and muscle tension, strengthens muscle tone in the pelvic and anal areas, reducing women
chances of involuntary urine leakages and uterine prolapses. With these scientific facts, one is undoubtedly perplexed by why it is believed not to be for women as well. However, it being okay does necessitate or make it a do or die practice. If you like it and it does not affect other programs in your life, continue. If you don’t like it, then do what makes you happy.

#5. Should married people masturbate?

Is it okay if my partner masturbates in front of me? Guess what, here is what I found out in the research. Masturbating is a perfect stimulant before sexual intercourse, so If you or your partner thought its only for the lonely people. Then, you need to underscore this
idea and experiment it. If your married or have a partner, try this practice in your next sexual encounter and see the fragrance it brings to the whole relationship. When the radiations are emitting excitement for you and your partner, that means you brought the right remote into your secret, and you only have to keep changing it to the right channel. Otherwise, it’s okay for the married to explore its benefits.

#6. Does masturbating have an age cap?

Why we say, debunking the myths not shared by your grandmother is because anybody does it at any age. From ages 14 – 100 years, this is because sex is a basic need and sexual pleasure summarizes this need in a bit. Self-love is vital in making one fulfill this gap; that is why any person at any age range from a teenager developing hormones to an old person losing most of them engage in the practice. Thought you had passed the stage, think again.

#7. Will I last longer in bed if i masturbate?

   A question asked by many because everyone wants to be an expert and I am quite sure, you are one of them. It takes a few seconds to get oneself hard but its even more special to be able to enjoy your next sex encounter without ejaculating. From my research, the best male porn stars and Dr. Andre Kegel share that if you can learn to control your pelvic muscles, you are indeed a superstar in this thing. The beauty of masturbating is its remarkable ability to reduce sensation and if your sensation is low, you’ll barely ejaculate during intercourse and this is similar to the exercises Dr. Kegel recommends that encourage you to perform the stimulation on a periodic basis to make you fit for the bed world. Interesting these kegel exercises and some positions that you can only muster provide this added advantage, so I can recommend it, though if targeted to make you a star in your next sexual encounter, then you’re playing with the right thing. Otherwise, experiment and see the what your muscle can do with some caressing.


With these few myths unearthed that you might not have known of, we can confidently say that all is well and you are going to be able to practice masturbating as long as it doesn’t affect your relationships, work, and health. Enjoy your life and change your perspective about masturbating and ask some people around you to be honest about the practice.