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BDSMXTube Review

~ Pros ~

You’ll find a ton of BDSM content

Ads are almost nonexistent online

You can download their videos

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll find lots of poor-quality videos


    I’m not threatening anybody but you gotta read my Bdsmx.tube review or I’m gonna take out my longest whips, riding crops, and sturdiest anal plugs and put them on a table before you like one of those overused torture scenes in movies.

    I’ve come to be as impressed as some of the bitches in my harem who love it when my Bdsm side shows up. You can join me on this revealing journey if you’re a fan of getting your naughty ass whipped to satisfaction or if you’re the one that enjoys inflicting the sexy pain.

Sticking My Hard Meat Down This Tube!

    I got on this site with a lot of expectations because today the sky is beautiful, the weather is lovely and I want to see these beautiful women hogtied and fucked till they tap out wildly like a wrestler that is being dragged across the fighting ring by the balls. I got on the homepage and saw their name and logo. They had some cartoon girl as their logo but it was only her face in a mask. That was very disappointing because I would’ve preferred her to be on her knees while tied.

    I couldn’t help noticing the green blinking live sex option under their logo. They also had other sections like; BDSM, Fetish, Brunette, Bondage, Big Tits, Gagging, Femdom, Blonde, etc. They didn’t waste any time giving me all those options. They’re like a woman with big tits who has all her business in front but I’ll have to keep going down to see the junk that she has in her trunk. Hopefully, this site has a thick fat ass or I am going on a rampage!

    The first thumbnail that could be seen had a woman in what looked like a prison uniform raising her hands like she was innocent while the horniest-looking goblin of a man was putting chains and handcuffs on her. The video was under a section named ‘Top Arrested Sex Films’. The next thumbnail they showed still had the same woman but this time she had ditched her prison uniform for her birthday suit instead.

    The reason you might see two of the same videos on a site like this is that some videos are 5-6 minutes long. So, the wanker uploading them probably wants to have you watch most of the fun parts since the original video would probably be 30 minutes or longer. If you brush the thumbnail like it is clit, then it starts playing a clip of the video so you’ll know what you’re getting your meat into. You’ll be able to see how many viewers the video has and how highly it is rated by wankers worldwide.

    So far, the site looks and feels like every other tube porn site I’ve been on but the difference is that this one just focuses on BDSM activities. I had to swim deeper into the pussy of the site to see if it is worth more of my time or if I am better off leaving this site in the dust if I don’t want to be shooting dust out of my meat.

Eye-Fucking This Site For More Info!

    At the bottom of the homepage is where they have their propaganda written. They talk about how other sites will give your balls STDs while their own site would make your dick bigger. Just the regular shit you would expect to see on a site like this. There was also a section below for their most requested porn search tags but at that point, my balls were screaming loudly at me to find a sexy video to watch, and I always listen to my balls.

    Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of these videos where bitches are only arrested because that’s the kinky shit the fans come for but I always want something more. That’s why I found a video where the thumbnail shows a pretty blonde woman being arrested in Beverly Hills and later put on a table as a female correctional officer is searching all her cavities for hidden weapons or maybe a rocket launcher. I clicked on the video and was taken to a fresh page.

    The video wasn’t in the highest quality but that’s just because they have content that are new and ones that were made when people used potatoes to make these kinda videos. That didn’t stop me from enjoying seeing this gorgeous woman bent over the table while the professional-looking female officer went to get some gloves for the next part of her routine inspection. Yes, she was about to stick some fingers into the offender’s butthole.

    While still watching this impressive and educative display of the long arm of the law in action, I quickly checked the rest of the page. They had tiny options to let you comment, download, or share the video that you’re watching. You can even flag a video if you saw something that makes you want to cut off your dick. Below, you’ll find tags and other videos that are suggested for you. So far so good I haven’t seen much to hate about the site.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Bdsmx.tube

    Bdsmx.tube should be proud of itself and the content it delivers because it had me hooked like an addicted fish seeing coke as bait in front of it. I would be visiting this site more often because of the genuine focus they have on BDSM content. Other sites would lie and throw in as much useless unrelated content to make the site look thicker and more interesting. I also didn’t have to fuck Ads before navigating the site. So, the site gets a solid recommendation from me.

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