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BDSMStreak Review

~ Pros ~

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakHas HD BDSM

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakRegularly updated

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakFree fetish porn

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakVery little spamming

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakHas really thrilling BDSM

~ Cons ~ 

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakSome videos are short

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakScanty video descriptions

bdsmstreak, BDSMStreakVideos don’t have tags

    Ever heard of BDSM? You should because it was heavily featured in the Fifty Shades of Grey book and movie. Do tell us you have neither read that iconic book or watched its movie adaptation and we will kidnap you, tie you to a boat in a swamp and let some alligators have their horny way with you!

    Now, is all about meeting the needs of BDSM freaks everywhere. The site came into existence in 2011, is free to access and has content only a freak and cum/pain lover can feel great about!
Read our BDSMStreak review and learn a few freaky things!

A Good Streak And A Mean One Too!

    The BDSMStreak site looks OK. It has the usual wall of video thumbnails, with a long list of categories at the far right. Some of these categories include Anal, Caning, Chastity, Fisting, Gay, Forced Orgasm, Scat, Tit Torture, and Whipping.

    The site logo is at the top left of the homepage and arraigned next to it are tabs like Home, Categories, Photos, BDSM Webcams, BDSM Simulator, Games, Users, BDSM Dating and Search. There are login and registration options too, with these coming in handy if you are looking to be there for the long term.

Freaks On Streak!

    Remember the video thumbnails on the site homepage we were talking about? Well, you can arrange them to your taste by changing the view to show the newest, most recently watched and the most popular.

    Previews are possible by hovering a mouse cursor on a video thumbnail. Most videos are short, though there are a few long ones of more than an hour.

    We previewed videos with titles like Angel- Anal And Bondage, Whore In Training, Ass Licking Male Slave, Femdom Ass Worship Compilation and Slave Girl Cathetherized and Post Orgasm Tortured. As you can see, these vids are not your standard fare porn and can make you cry in pain or ecstasy! Expect to hear lots of screams and moaning, plus an awful lot of gagging when watching a video.

    Videos can be downloaded and shared, rated by members and commented on. Most videos on the site are in HD, though just about all feature amateurs doing very nasty things and whipping themselves into a cumming coma. There does seem to be regular content uploads, with around a dozen new videos being added to the site on the day we were there.

What We Think

    If kinky porn and an active community of kinky porn lovers is what you are after, just might do. It is free as air, though you have to be a member to enjoy the sweetest things. The content is big and varied, kinky and freaky and updated more regularly than you can scratch your balls. There’s little spam and ads too, though the site design and lack of full-length vids leave a lot to be desired.