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BBWChan Review

~ Pros ~

The site is free to use

Lots of BBW porn

No distracting ads

Porn posting is quite easy

Categorized BBW threads

~ Cons ~

❌ Videos are limited

❌ Strict posting rules

❌ Really annoying meme interruptions


    Fat-assed chicks are the kind of sweet things that a site like BBW-Chan focuses on. We are talking of big and beautiful ladies who have very generous love handles and whose booties jiggle with a promise whenever they move. Yes, they are all at BBW-Chan and are assuredly up to no good!

    In case you were wondering if a fat booty has your name on it, you would do best to read on and see if you can spot one on BBW-Chan.nl!

Booty Power Never Fades!

    Well, the site design on the BBW-Chan homepage is a nice one. Pretty and nice that is.

    A lounging babe with massive ass, stomach, and boobs, plus a cute face is pictured on the top part of the page. We are not really into BBW chicks, but this girl has the kind of look that makes us want to take off our drawers and show her some hard facts about life and the cumming movement!

    It is actually possible to change how the homepage looks. The default mode is light and shows a background that is light blue in color, but clicking the Dark button atop the homepage makes almost the entire screen dark.

    The top left of the page has tabs like Boards, Overboard, Help and Watched Threads. The Help tab is a kind of FAQ, while the Overboard tab directs folks to a board where images and GIFs of BBW chicks are posted and their identities determined.

    The Boards tab is where all the action is though. But we will hold forth on that in a little bit.

    Remember the thicc chick on the homepage we were raving about? Well, beneath her image are some latest posts and popular boards. Near the bottom of the page are contact links, archives, rules and more and checking this out would be recommended for anyone who intends to stick around and gorge himself/herself on what BBW-Chan is offering.

Boarding The Tab In BBW Fashion!

    Yes, the Boards tab has enough action to make a solider get shell shock! There appear to be around 10 boards and the most active of this is the Booty board. This has more than 21 thousand posts, all of which are about booties, ass cheeks and the like.

    The next busiest is the Tits board. We don’t need to tell you what they discuss there, do we?

    There’s also a General Discussion board, an Erotic Literature board, a board that focuses on furry critters, and one that focuses on deviant art. One board in particular quickly became our favorite. This was the BBW Real board showcasing real images of real, BBW chicks, warts and all.

    We almost forgot to mention this, but site registration is not needed before anyone can post. Members are all anonymous and all that is needed to become a member is to fill a form. A very brief one by the way.

What We Think

    This is is a nice site where enormous boobies and behinds await your cumming organs! The site is well designed, and the community of users is small but active.

    Overall, we only wished the site was bigger, with more users, more content and a more polished user interface. Still, we do like what we are seeing, which is too many fat pussies begging for a fap!

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