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BareList Review

~ Pros ~

Nice pornstar catalog

Free porn videos

No Ads

Comment feature available

~ Cons ~

❌ Poor site design

❌ Porn photos not hosted on site

❌ Can’t download videos

❌ Very annoying ads


    Bareback fucking has always had a special place in my fucking style, as the feel of my massive cock nutting inside a creamy cunt is too good not to repeat. But at first glance of BareList, my sense of direction almost failed me because there are two places I can never get lost: a creamy cunt and a porn website.

    Rather than bore you with irrelevant details, this is the PornGuy fucktastic review of BareList, so spread your legs wide and prepare for some bare-knuckled fisting.

Epic Collection of Creamy Pornstars

    There are a lot of sites claiming to have the most impressive collection of creamy pornstars on file, but like fake boner pills, they are usually mostly limp. I am the godfather and king all rolled in one of the porn site reviews, and I didn’t get to be called the PornGuy by fluke. But I can hardly recall ever seeing a more confusing and bare-boned site than BareList.com. I believe the idea is to be different, but for that to work, then the porn-watching or pornstar-viewing experience shouldn't be wrecked. This site is a maze, but I will help to simplify this mysterious site.

    The site background is two very stunningly hot models, one on the left and the other on the right. Why they are clothed is another puzzling and wrong decision by the asshats who picked this background.

    The top row has the BareList logo and a search bar beside it, so you can save time and your boner and quickly search for that hot pornstar nudes with ease. Next is the Videos tab, and when you click that, it will show you an extensive collection of models. If you select any model, you can preview a 1-minute clip of the model's porn videos with links to the hosting site where you can watch the full clip.

    The next tab is the Pictures tab, with a large gallery of sweet, juicy HD quality pics of pornstars, most showing their tits and boobs. Click on any pornstar and you’ll get even more naughty pics of the pornstar's freshly shaved pussy and boobs. The next tabs are the New Models and Popular tabs which have pictures of new models and the very popular creamy pornstars.

    BareList has a Top 100 tab that shows the most popular 100 babes on BareList, and, from the boobs and cunts on display, I can understand why these are the top 100. Rounding out the top bar is an Our Picks and Live Cams tab. The Our Picks tab has the site's top favorites and the Live Cams tab is for those who want to see Emma Frost dildo fuck herself or Venessa Quinn wet her tits live on cam.

Bareback Pussy and Tits Galore

    It is nice to be greeted by a large and constantly changing photo at the top of the site with tits and wide ass on display. That tells any large anyone who comes here that they are likely to leave with cum in their hands. But the writing everywhere is very annoying and gives the site a very bookish look.

    There is a Today’s video list with a collection of regularly updated videos and the pornstar on it, and besides this list is a Today’s Most Popular Model List for the photo freaks.

What Does PornGuy Think of BareList

    The site has a good pornstar list with no ad but the site design is terribly made it feel like I was in a university library site rather than a pornstar directory.

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