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Badjojo Review

~ Pros ~

Wicked search function

Private database with millions of videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Really old-fashioned looking site

❌ Super annoying GIFs everywhere

❌ Pop-ups between videos


    Jojo had a thing for guys with big jewels and high pump energy but Jojo has no way to get them to come to her so jojo created a little abyss with a touch of men attracting incense so jojo could have an orgy as much as she wants—jojo lives among us. Don't ask me why I told you such a pathetic story, I just wanted your attention.

    Now that I have it, the point of today’s fellowship is to review a porn search engine some of you might find useful. I’m talking about badjojo.com, the aftermath of jojo going rogue with the number of pipes that had to leak in her. Anyways, here’s my badjojo review.

The OO in Google are boobs

    Can’t unsee it right? Haha, that was me as well when the thoughts of the double o in Google looking like tits came to my mind. And I felt I mustn't be the only one to enjoy such a sight haha. Anyways, this bad jojo review will go down the same route our usual reviews go—starting from the front page and lifting the veil on the site like she’s our newly wedded bitch and then ending things right on the bed… let’s get this shit.

    Badjojo’s front page is almost like something I always preach and wish to see on adult search engines—less content on the homepage, just show us a search button and let our imaginations build shits like Bob. Although bad jojo’s admin and web designers did a good job in making the search button big and bold right below the logo… the display of various porn videos below it is just unneeded. Too much, and the “please bookmark us” plea? Lmao quite desperate eh?

    But if I should close my eyes to those imperfections, there is no arguing that badjojo’s homepage is amazing. The navigation is fantastic and for real, you don’t even need to work hard before you can get a video to watch. Trust me, there are different options staring right in front of your face and it is quite overwhelming honestly haha. Should you search? Click on a tag or even scroll down and pick a video to watch.

    Look up, look at the headers… notice how there are two different menu options. So this is the thing at play here—the first header with home, channels, keywords, pornstars, VR porn, and porn apps are all options that keep you on the site. But you see the header below that? Try not to click on those, those slack cunts takes you to a different website. Probably sites they have affiliation with or they just send backlinks to them but that's none of my concern.

    The terms badjojo admins used to quality simple things are quite disturbing—channels are basically the porn sites they pull data from and keywords are categories lmao. Why not just the original shits? But anyways, bad jojo got loads of categories. It got me thinking about what jojo has been up to in that abyss. Some of the categories include reverse gangbang… wait what the fuck is that? Brb, I gotta go check it out. Oh, anyways, other categories on badjojo include escort, thick, anal, amateur, and loads of extreme and micro-categories you might not even know existed before now… I guess it lives up to its search engine reputation.

    Oh and I think there are different navigation options on the sidebar of the results page, where you can sort and filter the results. Either by a porn site, which badjojo referred to as a channel, or by duration.

Hoe-llywood Hall of Fame

    I wouldn’t dare review an aggregator site without talking about the contents they pull. Oh in case you don’t know, what badjojo does is basically what google does but on an 18+ level. Scrapping just porn videos and making you have it all in one place. But how is the quality of the porn videos they pull? Bad for real it is bad. Hear me out.

    To check the quality of the contents, I used one of the clearest and best porn sites out there as a case study, pornhub. I filtered for videos posted from pornhub only and when I opened them on the site, they were of bad quality. So bad that I thought someone must have gone to take porn from a different site and slapped a pornhub tag on it. But that wasn't the case, I followed the link to the original site, and boom, I was able to change the video quality to HD and watch some nice chick get fist fucked in the throat.

    This brings me to my next point, perhaps badjojo is only allowed to crawl and scrap low-quality videos from the different porn sites? Or perhaps that is all they could do with their tech stack? I can’t say for sure but what I can say is it makes the availability of an on-site video player useless then. Might as well just send users to the original website in the first place, rather than shoving low-quality porn videos down our throats.

    But that’s not all, I mean the video quality was the highlight of the bad thing I found on badjojo, truly bad. But I did find my old nemesis, I mean, I can put up with one or two porn videos with bad qualities as long as I can see the shaft drill hard into a well-made flesh but what I can't stand are ads. Dude, the ads on badjojo are flat-out annoying.

    They combine pop-up ads and redirection ads and different shits to basically get in your way. Like yooo, they wanna milk us without stroking this shaft, damn! Some websites could get away with their shitty ads but not badjojo for me, very bad jojo, very bad.

What do I think about Badjojo?

    At this point, I am sold and I think badjojo is one of the most unneeded porn sites out there. Yes we get it, it has a lot of porn videos from different sources but what the heck is the point of quantities if the qualities are bad? Might as well put them on YouTube because no one will fucking watch it.

    And then they combine this with ads, just how shitty could my day get a Thai chick fuck a white guy in 360p… I started wondering and trying to figure out who got the dick.

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