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BackpageGals Review

~ Pros ~

Jacked with escort profiles

Has escorts of all sexes all over the US

~ Cons ~

❌ Spam

❌ No verified escorts

❌ Piss poor escort quality

❌ Meh site looks


    Life is all about getting on the same page with a chick and putting her on her back for the sole purpose of expanding the snatch and rectum that Mother Nature saw fit to bestow her with! And that’s why it makes all the sense in the world for Backpagegals to have the name it does!

    Backpagegals is an escort site in the main, but pussy is not the only thing that’s sold here. That provides a convenient explanation for whenever you forget to clear your browsing history and your local pastor somehow gets ahold of the list of places you have visited on your computer this year!

    Here is my Backpagegals.com review. Read it and weep and get your cock ready for a molding by scratchy escort snatch!

Back To The Page Where Cunts Go Down For The Count!

    Backpagegals.com looks nice enough. The eye candy is applied with a light hand, and this place looks open and expansive.

    There are login and register links at the top right of the homepage, plus a Post Ad button. But the top of the site's homepage is dominated by an image of a sleeping chick. She’s unfortunately not nude, but there are some rose petals by her head that makes me think there’s a guy within reach that’s already plotting to raise her nightgown and check the gaping abilities of her rectum and/or cunt! But who knows if the fella might be in the mood to see how deep down her gullet his cock can wander, without her acting like a rottweiler choking on a turkey leg!

    Anyway, on the image of this chick are options that let you choose category and location. That is, you can choose the state you wanna explore and then choose what you want the chicks in that place to be into and that could be modeling, dating, body rubs, and yeah, cunt selling.

    The rest of the homepage has thumbnails of new and premium escorts and down on the page bottom is a FAQ of sorts that tells you nothing you don’t already know. Sure would have been nicer if the site admin had used that area to paste the nudest celeb images in his collection or something like that!

Erotic Backyards and Backpages on The Rampage!

    If your lifelong ambition has something to do with making sure that escorts near you and thots within reach have their guts pureed by no-holds-barred jackhammer fucks, then I can see why you would need to create an account at a site like this. Similarly, if funds are tight, or you like being held down and drilled like every extinction event on this planet could be laid at your feet, then I would see why you might want to register here.

    Membership on this top escorts US site means you get to enjoy promotions, add escort ads to your favorite list, set up an alert system, and even set up a wallet. But the biggest advantage that being a member grants you is that you can upload escort ads whenever you feel like it. Being a member with your details on record means that when you reach the escorts in this place and start negotiating with them about renting their holes, they should feel a bit safer that you are a site member, rather than a stranger who might be into more bad things than the NSA might be in the mood to catalog!

    Now, the escorts at this top escort sites appear middling. Even the “Premium” escorts don’t look as premium as they are being billed and that could be due to lack of professional photos. Also, there does not seem to be anything like verification, which means you don’t know if an escort is what she says she is. But commenting on escort profiles is allowed and that kind of gives you and others a means to spread and drill the sluts here and then crow or lament about it to serve as a cautionary tale to others!

    So, one of the premium escort ads is of a black chick named Aaliyah. She’s 5’2”, busty, and calls Los Angeles home. This gal wants you to Facetime her for verification before you get in her pants, but there’s no word on what she charges and what she’s prepared to do to earn that money.

    Prices and services offered were also not mentioned on the profile of Amazon Goddess. This black chick has a fab butt that lengthy doggy style sessions were meant for and she even knows how to arch, so that your woody is hitting her cervix at the correct angle to not smash it to bits! This thicc goddess loves anal by the way, but she won’t let you kiss her, with your being free to reserve those kisses for her ass cheeks and rectum!

    Backpagegals.com deals with female escorts in the main. But you can check out the few male escorts on this top escort sites 2023 and the more extensive collection of trans escorts.

    Some spam is present in this place and the lack of verification for even supposedly premium escorts is quite concerning. And as regards escort prices, I feel confident in saying the chicks at this top escort site gonna charge the average and that should be like $50 bucks for a half hour and less than to hit your cock on their tongue and teeth!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Backpagegals

    I feel like giving myself a kick in the nuts for the hours I spent looking over this place and reviewing it. But going through with the kick is gonna be a bad day for humanity, mainly because I got a shit ton of geniuses resting easy in my ball sack and dying for a chance to be set loose on such an ungrateful world!

    Anyway, the long and short of it is that Backpagegals is a piece of shit and I would only recommend it if I was blind drunk and all my brain cells choose that occasion to go on holiday to Neverland!

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