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r/Asshole Review

~ Pros ~

Quality assholes ripe for trawling

Decent upload pace

Bigger than your bootyhole

~ Cons ~

❌ Does not look all that active

❌ Wack look and features


    An asshole is the noblest work of the almighty, and if you don’t believe me, you can go pound sand in the middle of a frozen river and during the worst snowstorm in a decade! Assholes are sweet, puckered like shy virgins, and when fingered, can feel grateful enough to coat your digits with liquid you assuredly do not want to shove up the nose of your account officer!

    Do I love assholes? Of course, yes. But that does not mean that any of you can lead me astray by presenting a bootyhole that has been gaped by fire hydrants and telegraph poles to such an extent that wads of paper and dollops of super glue gotta be shoved into it to stop it from leaking like it’s on a noble mission to fertilize all the earth with dollops of shit!

    Assholes can be things of rad beauty, or at least r/Assholes has the type of beautiful assholes that connoisseurs like yours truly and most of my readers crave. Here is my no-holds-barred and no-booty-hole-left-unclenched r/Asshole review. Read and weep, fellas, but only if your asshole has felt the loving attention of buttplugs and prostate stimulators!

Reddit Asshole Gets Your Butt Clenching On Your Dick!

    Instead of the typical white and blue look of most subreddits, r/Asshole makes do with red and white graphics. It’s not that bad, but the red color does have a way of forcefully reminding me of what can happen whenever overeager stone-hard cocks meet unprepared assholes without some lube being available to grease the way!

    Anyway, apart from the red-and-white look, Reddit Asshole has zero graphics. Like there are no images of booties or assholes to be seen anywhere, and even the logo is as simple as a turd in a cornfield! There’s not even a motto, and all that the community box on the right has to say for itself is “Pics and Vids of (Female) Assholes.”

    1.3 million people call this subreddit their home away from home, and there were 1.4K of them online at the time of this review, with that number falling to 749 near the end of the review. The date of creation is April 2009, and yeah, that makes r/Asshole an OG of an asshole!

    On the right side of the screen is the usual list of mods and rules, plus a short list of associated subreddits like r/AssholeGoneWild and r/AnalGoneWild. The rules are against spam, advertising, low-quality stuff, posts in which the asshole cannot be seen, and click-baiting titles.

    And worth noting is that while you don’t need to be a verified asshole to post stuff on this subreddit, the mods got a bot running that bans stuff from unverified posters. So, just be a good boy or girl, get off your booty, and go take a picture of yourself from three different angles so that you can be verified. Is that too hard for ya? Then just take a picture of you and your step-sister eating the forbidden fruit with great gusto and violence and send that to me for my never-ending research purposes!

Don’t Be Anything But A Lovely Asshole!

    Asshoes not your cup of tea, so to speak? Well, the odds are still good that a visit to Reddit Asshole might change your mind and expand your horizon just like a booty hole does when gaped by BBCs that are in one of their unforgiving moods!

    Anyway, the upload pace on r/Asshole is good enough. I would say it is slightly above average, though it does seem like there were more posts in the previous 24 hours than there were in the last 3 days combined.

    Just A Pretty Asshole Waiting For Cock, Fill My Hole With Your Cream, My Hole Deserve Older Guy Cock, My Favorite Combination Is Eat Fuck Eat Fuck, Eat My Tight Asshole, and Then I’ll Let You Stretch It Out For Hours and Here’s An Invitation To Fuck My Asshole were among the Hot content category at the time of this review. The chick who wanted her asshole stretched for hours happened to be a hot ebony whose face feels hella familiar. I am almost convinced that I have seen her on OnlyFans. Anyway, this impossibly hot and curvy beauty has a really pretty butt, a fat cunt, and an asshole that looks as virgin as the pope!

    The eat fuck eat fuck addict, on the other hand, is a milk-white and tattooed hottie who likes to bend over and shake her booty. She has a cunt like a double hamburger, and her asshole does not look up to admitting anything bigger than a peanut. But I can bet a thousand smackeroos that this chick will happily shove all of a television transmission tower into her booty hole if you asked nicely and promised her an extended suck on your woody!

    And the top trending post here is titled Where My Ass Eaters At? This booty impaler was uploaded barely 3 months ago and currently has 25.7K upvotes, which is not as impressive as it sounds. In the short video, a chick with a bubble butt bends over on a bed and pulls her black panties to the side. Yeah, her cunt is fatter than your face after it’s been stung by a million bees furious that you wanna fuck their queen bee, and she has one of the best-looking assholes I have yet seen. For sure, I wouldn’t mind her putting that hole an inch before my eyeballs and asking me to do my worst to it!

What ThePornGuy Thinks Of r/Asshole

    Well, for one, this subreddit has a rather rad name. It has quality stuff too. But I got a feeling that the mods and the members here don’t take their jobs all that seriously, and that is mainly what stops me from giving this beautiful asshole of a subreddit a couple of upraised thumbs that the mods can perch on!

    Is r/Asshole worth a visit? Sure it is! But joining up there is something that I am not all that eager to recommend to y’all booty worshippers and asshole axmen!

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