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r/Amateur Review

~ Pros ~

Looks rad

Verified stuff

One of the biggest amateur XXX subreddits

~ Cons ~

❌ Not a very active place

❌ No special features or options

❌ Middling content update pace


    Being an amateur in the cumming game used to mean a badge of shame. You were expected to look anything other than pretty/handsome, expected to live in a crummy abode, and expected to film your bedroom activities with a camera or smartphone that was ten years out of date at the least. The last few years have, however, seen the reinvention of the amateur genre, with cam models, porn stars, and ordinary citizens competing in using the best tech out there to exhibit their bodies beautiful on the global stage. Needless to say, there is a lot of amateur live feeds and porn that compete with studio products these days, and that never ceases to amaze and delight yours truly.

    Now, Reddit being the king of everything, has amateur XXX-focused subreddits in spades. I am gonna review one of them today. So tune in for my r/Amateur review and prosper like any good dick in any sweet pussy that’s been dying for lengthy man meat!

Reddit Amateur Squares Up To The Big Boys

    r/Amateurs does not waste any time serving notice that it is in business to scalp all comers and shake things up and won’t kowtow to subreddits and porn sites that have been at this longer than it. And how do I know this? Because the mods hired a fine little thing to use her cunt to whisper delightful secrets into my tender little ears! I am still blushing as I relate this for sure!

    Seriously though, this subreddit heavily deviates from the standard subreddit look, and at the top is a header full of very fine and nude chicks. These babes all look like models, but given the subreddit here is focused on amateurs, there’s no doubt at all that they are the amateur fucksters who have been giving the more established pro-level pornstars a run for their money and the cum flow of the cock-blessed!

    The motto here is simple to the point of nausea and says The Amateur Girls of Reddit. This motto is repeated in the community box on the right. And yeah, the fact that there’s no explainer text in the box sucks big time. Anyway, Reddit Amateur was established in October 2008 and currently has 1.5 million members. A whopping 582 of them made the conscious decision to be online for this review, and I cannot thank them enough for taking time out of their busy lives to show up and be counted.

    There are 8 main rules and the same number of mods. One of the latter is named PissMittens, and I can’t help but wonder if this is the fella that’s been giving golden showers to ThePornDude guy for all of the last decade and a half. Not shaming, but the guy sure got pissy issues!

    Anyway, the rules here are mostly the same as in other XXX-focused subreddits. Revenge porn is banned, as is posting or asking for personal info, images of anyone but amateur chicks, unverified postings, exceeding the posting limit, spam, and anything that has to do with indirect links. The posting limit is 10 new stuff per day, and yeah, you gotta be verified here to post pictures of yourself, which makes a lot of sense.

Amateur Cunts Are Ever Tighter!

    r/Amateur has a surprisingly pedestrian content update pace. 3-4 new posts [per day seems to be the standard here, and that’s disappointing. But then, not too many subreddits take daily uploads by the dozen all that seriously.

    Was Told I Should Post My Picture Here, What Do You Think happens to be the top trending post of all time on Reddit Amateur. It was uploaded 5 years ago and had a less-than-respectable 15.9 upvotes. For fucks sake, I have seen triple that many upvotes on subreddits that were like twice smaller. Anyway, the post with 15.9K upvotes is just an image of what could be an Asian chick lying on a bed while wearing just a pair of black panties. Her skin is like cream, her tits have never given master gravity the time of day, and there’s just something about how she poses with spread legs that makes you look into your Vaseline jar to ensure there’s enough lube in it for what you are planning for her!

    The next most upvoted content is also from 5 years ago and is very similar to the one I just covered. Yeah, it showed a topless girl posing in almost the same way as the first and was titled You Guys Seemed To Like My First Post Here, I Thought You Might Like A Second. This post had 11.6K upvotes, and the featured amateur lass appeared to have a much finer body than the first.

    But the newest post at the time of this review was titled Soft, Scented Skin. It shows a chick seated on a bed, with only her mouth to her groin being visible. This babe had one of those big asf and shapely asf bazungas you are always hearing about on the news, and it just so happened that the left boob had a much fuller outline than its other brethren. Hell, that leftie looked close to bursting, and I am almost sure that if you squeezed it as hard as you regularly squeeze your dick, the volume of milk that’s gonna come pouring out would trigger a biblical deluge that’s gonna drown us all sinners!

What ThePornGuy Thinks Of r/Amateur

    Well, r/Amateur pulls off most of what you expect of it, and the stuff on it is far better than what you might find in the vast majority of amateur XXX sites out there. So yeah, it’s good for a solid recommendation.

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