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AdultDVDTalk Review

~ Pros ~

It’s user friendly

Has interview with porn stars

Active community

Large library collections

Porn news

~ Cons ~

❌ It requires registration


    Sometimes just watching and jerking off to pornographic content is not enough, you want to get a personal feel of it and get insights from fellow porn enthusiasts. That’s why adultdvdtalk.com has decided to bring porn lovers together in an active horny community where it also rents out porn dvds online. Haven’t done that in while though but maybe they could change my mind.

    Now for you boomers that are still ordering porn dvds, I gotta look out for you guys too. That’s why this site has landed itself on my review table. I’m also gonna be checking out the active threads in their porn community, who knows which freaky slut I might find there to fill up. Here’s my adultdvdtalk review below.

Let’s start with some dvd dirty talk…

    The reigh of dvd was a very long one, most people likely above twenty five now likely went through countless porn dvds to get their jizz on. one of my all time favorite dvd porn movies was “Pirates”, I couldn’t get enough of Jesse jane a major star in the porno. she has made me cum so many times it’s as if we were married, well her and Jada fire(the squirting queen).

    After all the erotic magazines and cum filled sticky pages dvd became the next best thing since slice bread. I can remember sneaking porn dvds Into the vcr in the living room at night and jerking off all over the rug. Fapping in the living room wasn’t always ideal, you’re beating yourself off with the constant fear that your parents might walk in on you beating your meat. my worst nightmare then was them walking in as I bust a nut and it spills on them. Total horror! and yeah, it happened, they stepped on my cum! I was so banned from dvds till I left the house.

    Back to the site, adultdvdtalk has a blue and white background theme with a basic layout that’s easy to navigate through. At the top of the page is the site name and a huge Ad beside it luring you to some other porn site, good thing I knew most of them so I wasn’t tempted with the Ad.

    Below the sexy Ad is a section that requires you to register or log in to your account but either way it doesn’t stop you from poking around the site like I am. The site has over sixty thousand members including porn stars and porn experts and this site has been running site 1999, that’s a pretty long time to keep a site going must be doing something right.

Finding the right porn is like fitting the right puzzle in place

    Adultdvdtalk is more than just a site for dvd porns but offers a lot more from the look of things. The site has reviews for various porn movies to assist you with getting the best content you’re into, there are more than forty thousand reviews on different porn movies and these has been done from about a thousand reviewers. That’s a lot of jerking off experience right there.

    The site doesn’t only offer dvds, there is more than three hundred thousand adult movies on the site for users pleasure and about one hundred thousand trailers. Now that extra perk that makes this site more than just your standard porn site, is that they provide more services than other porn sites which include pornstar interviews.

    You can get the perspective of porn videos from the porn star themselves and see what they are like in person. This could make you feel a closer connection with your favorite porn stars when you’re fapping to their contents. Example I saw an Interview with kelsey kane saying “I’ve fucked most bosses I ever had. Never a teacher but most managers, bosses. Men in power, I love it”,now I wanna fuck her with a suit and tie on.

    The site also provides porn news and shopping tools to assist you with ordering dvd porn and getting good adult content online. The community on this site is quite active with over 2.3 million posts in more than one hundred thousand topics. With this site and it’s active threads you’ll be updated with all that’s going on in the porn industry and you’ll even get information on videos that haven’t even been released yet.

The Porn industry up close and personal

    Once you’re on Adultdvdtalk it makes you feel like you’re a full part of the porn world and not just some cum filled fapper that can’t stop playing with their wiener. You can check out interviews, galleries, recent releases and more information about top porn stars, where to shop for the best dvds and it’s free. When you just type an actors name in the search box you can find a lot of info about them like their Twitter page and other socials, biography, filmography, interviews and other data.

    You can find the various categories for these on the homepage. You have the movies category where you can find new releases, coming soon, new interviews, movie trailers, top rated porn movies and more. Next is the pornstars category where you’ll see their galleries, interviews and top contents. Next up is a category called talk, which leads to the porn forum and discussion grounds. And lastly is a category labeled shop, which as the name implies you go here to shop for your preferred porn dvds.


    Adultdvdtalk is the last stronghold for porn dvds and this site has been a upholding this since 1999. It’s lasted this long not just by providing porn movies but by also getting the fappers closer to their favorite pornstars and also able to build a personal bond with them through their interviews and active social media account. It has a large active porn community, if you want in dept info about the porn industry and not just jizzing to porn videos this is a forum you should be part of.

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