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AdultDeepFakes Review

~ Pros ~

Very clean and professional site design

Thousands of high-quality deepfakes of almost every professional actress


Awesome content categories

Very regular content updates

~ Cons ~

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    Are you a celebrity lover, plus an avid wanker? Well, technology has gotten so advanced that you can now watch very convincing videos of some of your most favorite and saintly celebrities choking on thick man meat and having their cunt pulverized till it looks like a bomb just went off down there!

     Of course, most celebrities would never shoot porn, so what you are watching are deepfakes, where a face gets pasted on another face in a very convincing manner. Now, there are lots of sites with deepfake videos of celebrities getting slammed in their coochie till they bleed, and perhaps the most popular of them all is AdultDeepFakes…. Here’s my AdultDeepFakes review.

Celebrity Cunt Punishing Without Peer

    Well, AdultDeepFakes sure do know how to impress! Their homepage is filled with video thumbnails of celebrities like Jessica Alba, Emilia Clarke, Angelina Jolie, and Gal Gadot getting big dick fed to their privates! Jessica Alba appears in a gang bang scene with many BBC waiting to tear her a new asshole, while Emilia Clarke has something new to cry over given the size of the cock that’s rocketing up her backside! Whew! This is one hella site!

    Now, all videos on the homepage play once you hover your cursor over them. Most are in HD, with their run time, title, and views garnered so far shown. Run time varies, but most videos are some minutes long. And lest I forget, videos on the AdultDeepFakes homepage are divided into two main sections- the Video Being Watched section and the New Videos section.

    Sample titles here include Brie Larson Deepfake Anal, Jessica Alba Deepfake Cum Competition, Gal Gardot Porn, and Emma Watson. The latter is over 16 minutes long and is a rather convincing video of a petite babe with Emma Watson’s face and body who gets banged so hard it is a wonder her ovaries didn’t fall out of her snatch! Think that’s wild? Well, there are scores if not a hundred Emma Watson videos here, including one in which she is represented as a shemale, with a massive spear of a penis. The poor girl!

    Once you click on any video thumbnail here, you can watch that video in varying resolutions. You can as well watch videos on full screen and that is all that is in the settings menu. There is no download button to be found, but options at the bottom of each video make it possible to rate them, report them, share to your fellas, make a comment and view video details like tags and categories, plus when the video was submitted, by whom and the number of views it has acquired so far.
There is also an option to add videos to your favorite list or watch them later, but this option is only available to site members.

Emilia Clarke Has A Pretty Nice Pussy!

    Yeah, the Mother of Dragons sure does have a great pussy! If you doubt me watch deepfake videos of her cunt getting stretched on AdultDeepFakes com and you will change your mind at speed!

    Now, time to take an overall look at AdultDeepFakes. This heavyweight adult deepfake site has a classy and professional look. The page background is black and stuff is set out logically. There are sign-up and login tabs at the top right of the page, plus a rather useful search bar. Becoming a member here is free and quite necessary if you have any intention of wanking to the savage fucking of every celeb you have been crushing on! Overall, I would give AdultDeepFakes an A for having a very clean and user-friendly site that needs zero brainpower to be figured out.

    Main tabs on the homepage include the New, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Celebrities, Categories, Community, Live Sex, Best Porn Sites, and Upload Video. The latter tab is for site members only, while the Best Porn Site is merely a direct shortcut to ThePornDude. The Live Sex tab will direct you to Stripchat, with the Community tab being loads better and enabling access to all site members. You can even curate these members by their age, comments made, gender, country, city, and their having or not having a photo in their profile.

    There’s a shit ton of XXX categories here and they can be sorted alphabetically, or by which has the most videos, the best ratings, and the highest number of views. The top-rated XXX categories here include Bollywood, MILF, footjob, Russian, Petite, Israeli, Chinese, and YouTuber. A glance at each category image thumbnail will easily let you see how many videos are in each category, as well as the overall rating of that category.

    The rest of the tabs do what they say on the tin and have some of the most penis-raising content I have stumbled across this year!

What I Think of Adultdeepfakes

    Well, AdultDeepFakes has me all convinced never to become a celebrity! Yeah, I better confine myself to a life of oblivion or risk becoming so famous and successful that folks will go make deepfake videos of me savagely drilling the holy virgin! Anyway, the site rocks to the max and makes every bit of sense for all ye wankers of cumming valor!

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