Adamieva, Adamieva

Adamieva Review

~ Pros ~

Good sorting options

Good site design

Free to access

Many escorts of many tastes and abilities

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Site could be prettier

❌ Can only use if you are in Bulgaria


    Adamieva sounds like something you might buy from a shifty seller somewhere in Eastern Europe. It is the name of an escort site that I will be looking all over today. So, if you got nothing better to do than tying your dick in knots in the name of masturbation, you should consider focusing on this review and giving your balls and prostrate a breather!

18 And Proud

    Are you 18-years old at the least? If not there’s no way you are getting into the Adamieva website, at least not without getting the FBI so interested in you they will come knocking on your door at the worst possible time! Just kidding!

    Yes, there’s a sign on the homepage saying only fellas over 18-years can access the site, but such a thing is easily bypassed and without any consequences too. Once you have confirmed that you are of legal age by clicking one of two buttons, you get to access the site to the fullest. The default language is Bulgarian of course, but there’s an English option at the top right of the page. Also, present at that part of the page are login and registration tabs and becoming a member is free, but as useless to you as a third navel!

    A search bar are present is helpfully provided and this lets you perform keyword searches. Filtering options in that part of the page permits searching for escorts in different Bulgarian cities, and and searching for men, women, group sex, massages, phone sex and more. There are also category links at the top of the page, with more occupying the bottom part of it.

    As for escort profiles, these are crammed into most of the homepage, with male, female, and trans escort profiles being mixed in. If that is not to your taste you can always use the provided filtering options to fill pages with whatever individuals and their sexual orientation/attributes best appeals to you.,

Adam And Eve

    Now that I think of it Adamieva just might mean Adam and Eve, which makes sense since this website lets you search for people of all sexes across Bulgaria. It is also a marketplace of sorts where you can buy varied sexual enhancing pills and tools.

    Now, I had never heard of Dobrich before I reviewed Adamieva, but the city had a nice ring to it and so I got tempted into using the filtering options to find all the female escorts in that locality. Every escort profile thumbnail result had an image of the escort, her age, rates, height, weight, plus the date her ad was posted on the site.

    Once you click on any profile thumbnail you get an eyeful of details. This includes the list of services the escort is prepared to perform, his/her phone number and personal attributes, rates and languages spoken. Escort profile images are usually not taken by professionals and in professional settings. Profiles also appear genuine, and everything I have seen so far looks legit.

What I Think

    My overall impressions of Adamieva.info are positive. The site looks OK, but should be made more eye-catching and is the kind of place where everyone in search of anything can easily find it. Here you can buy just about any sexual product or service and have sex without limit with some of the sexiest and handsomest folks on the planet. Available sorting options are good and even better you don’t have to register to avail yourself of the cumming goodness on offer here.

    Yes, Adamieva is only useful if you are in Bulgaria or headed there sometime soon. But I think it is one of those sites that should be in your bookmark list.

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