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4Porn Review

~ Pros ~


Regular updates

No Ads

~ Cons ~

❌ Lousy site design and arrangement

❌ User options are wack

❌ Site features smell like ass

❌ Advanced search missing


Grow old they said and your pecker will be taller than your shadow. Well, here is adult me, and rather than the 6-foot woody I was promised, what I have is barely longer than my forearm. Oh, the tragedy and unmet expectations! But at least, my artillery piece has enough power and heft to it to make the eyeballs on your girlfriends pop out of their sockets once I plunge in my piece and fire off a volley in the direction of their kidneys!

Where was I? Oh yes, eviscerating the kidneys of girlfriends with cum shot after cum shot! But let’s forget all that for the moment and focus on the business that brought us together and what is that if not this 4Porn review. So, read away y’all, and get chastity belts for your girlfriends if y’all know what’s good for them!

For Porn We Are And For Jackhammer Fucks We Will Always Be!

    All you readers are wankers who visit porn sites on the regular and this year have beat your meat so many times that the cops want to take your cock from you and put it up for adoption, right? Well then, 4Porn.com shouldn’t present any surprises. Yes, it has the standard porn site look and you don’t need any tricks or special eyeglasses to recognize it from a mile away.

4Porn has a black background color and should have been pretty, save for the fact that there’s less stuff on the homepage than there should be. Category image thumbnails are arranged three per row on the homepage and they are arranged in such a way that there are large spaces on both sides of the screen. That’s as off-putting as surveillance videos of mentally disturbed chicks who go around stores pooping on the floor for the hell of it. Fuck whatever mental sickness chicks like that are suffering, because all they need is a Zulu spear in the ass to set them right!

Now, the site logo is at the top left of the page and it is quite pretty. 4Porn’s motto is The Internet is for Porn and that is something I can stand behind with all my fucking power and hip thrusts! Better fall in line like yours truly if you believe all that the net is good for is finding ways to milk your boner while you watch assholes and slit openings getting hammered with horse dicks, XXX toys, and baseball bats!

Anyway, the top of the site homepage has a list of XXX sites. At the far right is a basic search bar that looks all lonely. Beneath this search bar is a language option, with 20 languages supported, including English. The main tabs are below the site logo and for some reason, they are made tiny and are therefore easy to miss. They consist of All New, All Popular, Categories, and HD Porn, with the latter tab being a direct route to another XXX site.

Clicking the Categories tab takes you to four-fifths of the homepage where XXX categories, pornstar names, and porn site names are listed. That’s right, the Categories tab does not have its own separate page and that makes as much sense as expecting Mini Stallion to get off on your little finger when all her pussy has been used to is horse dicks!

I better note that while there’s is a good assortment of categories in the Categories section and each category has a number to indicate how many videos of it are available, the listed categories are not exhaustive. Y for example has a single category and there is no Z category, plus there are a lot of alphabets with less than 10 categories listed. That might seem like a small thing, but it is a big thing in my book.

Another thing worth noting is that there does not seem as much content as advertised. For example, The Teen category is supposed to have over a million videos. But there are only 10 pages of teen XXX content. To fit that many videos on 10 pages would have required 100K videos per page and that is ludicrous given that there are like 120 videos per page. So, either 4Porn is lying about how much stuff it has or it is counting it in ways a mathematician might find very curious.

Live For Porn, and Get The Cum Rain Going!

    Gotta beat it to get the party going? In that case, you can either click on a category thumbnail on the 4Porn.com homepage or use the search bar to seek out the precise kind of hole you wanna see violated. I chose the first option but then decided I better have a look at all new porn. Clicking the All New tab got me exposed to videos like You Teasing My Ass With Your Big Cock, Naive Teen Learns How To Kiss, 3D Naruto Sex With Big Tits MILF, CD Sissy Playing With Her Fake Penis and Jizz Flow, Yoga Instructor Rides Big Black Cock TS, and Sultry Stacy Cruz Kinky Adult Movie.

There’s a small problem though- 4Porn is a porn aggregator site and does not host any content. That is not made clear from the get-go and you will only become aware when you click on a video and it takes you to XXX sites like FapVidHD and Sunporno.

One of the videos in the Teen category caught my eye and it was titled I Fucked My Stepsister Because She’s Hot. The video is hosted on SunPorno and truthfully, the stepsister in question is hotter than an aluminum fire and has a perfect pair of tits. I would marry her tonight if she promised to make her soft, gripping, and slushy pussy all mine for eternity!

That particular video ran for 15 minutes and opened with the tight and toned stepsister plopping on a bed. Her bro comes along and fondles her small but tight butt and she takes off her jean shorts, with her top shortly coming off. The brother touches everything touchable, which is pretty much every inch of her body, though he pays special attention to her fab tits and cunt. She jerks off his uncut cock and shifts her pink panties to the side so he can slide in his horse dick.

The two fuck in varied positions, with the video ending when the guy ejaculates on her artificial titties. For sure if this chick was my stepsister, I would be breeding her every morning, noon, and night and I don’t want to hear anything about her being tired or her pussy needing a little time to recover from my thrusting attention and boiling cum flows!

Updates on 4Porn are regular and for that at least we can be thankful!

What I Think of 4Porn

Average site features and average site design makes this porn aggregator site a hard sell. Plus off the top of my head, I can name like 15 other porn aggregator sites that blow 4Porn out of the water to such an extent it would seem like a war crime!
4Porn has utility, but it is not a site I can ever recommend with a straight face.

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