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420Chan Review

~ Pros ~

420Chan, 420ChanLots of amateur postings

420Chan, 420ChanCompletely anonymous porn posting

420Chan, 420ChanThree adult sections for gay, straight and hentai

420Chan, 420ChanLoads of sex photos

420Chan, 420Chan Really active community

~ Cons ~ 

420Chan, 420ChanSpam posts

420Chan, 420ChanOnly one real porn board

420Chan, 420ChanPoor site designing

420Chan, 420ChanNot completely porn


    420Chan is just the kind of site we imagine a drugged-out eminence like Snoop Dogg founding. The site was originally devised as a place where folks could converse about all kinds of drugs, from mushrooms to ecstasy and much of its content is still focused on this niche. It later branched out to adult materials pertaining to trans, Hentai porn and just about all forms of porn.We recently had an excursion to the site. Here’s our opinion of it.

Obey The 420 Rule!

    The 420Chan homepage is a great deal better than the rest of the homepages on other similar sites. It is a black and green affair that has the site statistics posted at the top right of the page, with the main tabs and a search board pulling duty on the lower left. There’s a sample of the latest posts at the right of the page and more of this are on the bottom of the 420Chan homepage.

    The main tabs on this site include Info, Drugs, Lifestyle, Academia, Media and Miscellaneous. All main tabs have a pull-down function that enables more precise to the stuff here.

    The Drugs tab for instance has discussion boards for just about every stimulating drug known to man, from cannabis to tobacco. The Lifestyle tab is where to go for discussion on matters like fitness, sexuality, trans life, fashion and weapons. The Academia tab has perhaps the broadest discussion boards on topics from science and tech to law and botany, while the Media tab devotes itself to games, music and videos. As for the Miscellaneous tab,this has more random topics than there are turtles in the Galapagos!

The Porn Dream

    Looking for porn on 420Chan? Well, you are not likely to find it. For reasons that are not yet very clear, 420Chan has chosen to scrub away all adult message boards on the site. That means you really have to try hard to see a nude pussy.

    There’s some Hentai porn here though. To access it just click on any message board and an Adult tab will appear at the top of the page. The Trans and Sexuality boards do have enough tales and stories to entertain and keep your cock otherwise occupied!
Are we disappointed? Hell yes, because 42OChan.org used to known for porn, from straight adult stuff to gay things.

What We Think

    We applaud the look of the homepage and the varied number of discussion boards on 420Chan. Here, folks can learn about weaponry, news and how to grow weed and fap to no small number of Hentai porn.

    However, 420Chan appears to be a shadow of itself, especially where porn is concerned. Would we recommend it? Only if we were higher than a kite on some good weed!