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24Video Review

~ Pros ~

24video, 24VideoHas lots of Russian porn

24video, 24VideoThe site is easy to use

24video, 24VideoHas porn from other parts of the world too

24video, 24VideoUsing the site is free

24video, 24VideoVery few ads

24video, 24VideoThe videos are high quality

~ Cons ~ 

24video, 24VideoThe site is slow

24video, 24VideoMost videos are solo sessions


    Do Russians have sex? We really thought all that Russians do is eat black bread and drink vodka by the wagonload. The fact that they get erections too and put it in like anyone else is so surprising.

    There are even some Russian-themed porn sites around the net and one of these will be dissected by us today. This site goes by the thoroughly unimaginative name of 24Videos.vip and is mainly for Russian speakers whose cocks are twitching and bothering them something awful!…. Here’s our 24Video review.

Russkies In The Nasties!

    The site design for the 24Video homepage is a minimal affair. The background color is the kind of black that black holes are made out of and there are no ads on the homepage to lead you astray from the cumming path!

    Most of the homepage is beautified with video thumbnails. This has a preview function enabled and you can hover a cursor on these videos to enjoy that. Videos can be sorted by length and we think by category. To the left of the page stands a search bar, plus a long list of categories that we have asked a Russian language professor to translate for us. We have yet to get a response and we wonder why!

    All homepage content have a Russian title, plus information relating to their runtime and number of views. The content update seems like a regular thing and you can comment on any video, and rate it as you wish.

    Video playback is a smooth and uncomplicated affair and the video player does not have many options. Thus, you can increase or lower the volume, and view the action in fullscreen, but no more than that.

    Video quality appears decent and mostly amateurs are involved. Video playtime varies, and most are long enough for you to get hard and cum like you are shooting apples with the cum in your cock!

What We Think

    This site is meant for Russian speakers. As such, if you don’t speak the language you won’t be able to make full use of it.

    We like the minimalistic look, the lack of ads and the fact that content here is free. Talking about content, you are sure to see lots of smut that doesn’t show up on sites like Xvideos.com

    For this and other reasons, we think 24Video.vip deserves some attention. So, visit the site when you can and cum to some sweet Russian pussy if you will!