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1Baiser Review

~ Pros ~

Sophisticated French babes

Easy to navigate website

High quality pictures and videos too

Escort profiles are very detailed

~ Cons ~

❌ No language option


    Why are French people so obsessed with kissing? They invented the very famous kissing technique known as the French kiss. The term 1baiser when translated to English actually means 1kiss. There has to be something about kissing in the French tradition they are yet to tell us. These French folks have kept from telling us the secret behind their love for lips locking. That's not the only secret they owe the community of perverts, they really need to tell the world how they ended up being so romantic.

    French men love to make love to their women in the most romantic of ways. Or at least that's what we on the other side of the globe believe they do. But it doesn't end with the men. My favorite part is how naughty and romantic their sluts are. They understand pleasure and I wouldn't mind a trip to Paris to experience true pleasure in the hands of a sweet French belle.

    While in Paris I would go for the best of sluts, cos obviously, I deserve the best. That's where making use of an escort website will come in handy. Not just any site however, I'm talking about a site filled with top quality French cunts. On that note, this is my 1baiser review. Let's see what we find on it.

A Sprinkle Of Romance

    No, I'm not talking about candle lights and flowers, but that doesn't mean you can't engage the services of a slut to some romantic sex with flowers and red wine. I'm rather talking about the sensual nature of the homepage. Somehow they have managed to fill up the page with a good number of escort thumbnails without making it crammed and overwhelming. Largely a white colored homepage, escort thumbnails sized properly can be seen spread out on the page. The size of the thumbnails and the quality of the photos used tells you just how modern this site is.

    Like identifying the Eiffel tower in a movie scene, site navigation wouldn't also be a problem. Just above the gallery of thumbnails is a list of cities and the number of escorts available in them. As expected, Paris has the highest number of cunts on this website with 728, followed by Lyon with 186 escorts. You never know, I might decide to go on a nationwide tour just so I can fuck the girls of France and tell you all about my experience.

    You can switch from the straight version of the site to the trans version by clicking on the tiny icon next to the search icon in the top right corner of the homepage. Although, for easier navigation, I'll advise you to click on the menu icon. Locating the menu icon shouldn't be too difficult. It is located at the top left of the homepage. Options included in the side menu include girls, men trans, VIP, online and a host of other exciting things. Looking at these options I'm sure you are craving some VIP pussy. That's why we are in France. France, especially Paris, isn't the city for mediocre pussies.

    I previously used to pride myself as being a very patient person, but I'm not so sure anymore. Judging by how quickly I clicked on the “online" icon to only see sluts who were active. Don't see the need to waste my time on a slut who could be riding a dick at this moment, when I can interact and even set up a date with one who is online.

Elegant French Cum Draining Sluts

    I feel like French sluts are a different kind of breed. There is something exotic about them. The collection of girls they have assembled on this website will tempt a man to go to the extreme just to have a taste of them. These are top quality, sweet looking sluts that any man would dream of having. Fortunately, you don't have to only dream, they are at your disposal whenever you want them. With this website, you stand a chance to taste the juice of luxurious French beauties, the kind of women your friends will envy seeing by your side. Morale boosting, ego strengthening escorts from the Grand country of France.

    Did I tell you about how romantic this site is? Oops, it must have slipped my mind while I was getting wowed by the creators' creatures displayed in the gallery. Well, the girls are luxurious, but the website itself is equally romantic. The template of escort profiles here is truly impressive as very detailed and well arranged. Typically, what you will find on a profile are high resolution quality photos, escort description, a brief “about me" section, services, working hours, location and contact info. The website is designed like a social media app where users can follow the handles of their favorite escorts.

    Users are also allowed to comment on the profiles of these escorts. Comments which are visible to all visitors.

I Know It Ain't Free

    Now this is where it becomes a bit confusing. While some escorts omit their rates on their profiles, some list them but it's not that straight forward. Rates are in Roses. Yes you heard that right, Roses. Roses are a special currency for website activities here. On average girls charge 300 roses for their services per hour. Special charges apply for some special services and some of the girls list them. If the roses thing is too confusing, contact an escort directly and negotiate the price with her. French luxury sluts charge between €150/ 150 USD to €300/ 300 USD per hour to drown you in romance.

What I Think Of 1baiser

    Sophisticated looking girls have my attention anyday anytime. They don't even need to do much to get me craving for them. Luckily, the site is also pretty easy to navigate, and it's quite pleasing to look at. They understand what perverts desire to see when they log into an escort site and they have delivered efficiently. I think 1Baiser is a good escort website and it's worth all of your attention.

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