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1337 X Review

~ Pros ~

1337x, 1337 XIt has a nice site design

1337x, 1337 XLots of seeders

1337x, 1337 XFree to use

1337x, 1337 XLots of new content added regularly

~ Cons ~ 

1337x, 1337 XNot completely porn

1337x, 1337 XNo specific category of contents

1337x, 1337 XSome tabs disappear when others are clicked

1337x, 1337 XMalicious content easily come around


    We have been hearing lots of good things lately about 1337x.to and being the very curious beings we are decided to check out this very popular torrent site and find out if it is as good as some say it is.
Are you ready for our review? Then here it comes!

Simple Elegance

    To be honest, we haven’t seen a prettier homepage than what’s on 1337x. It merges simplicity and elegance and looks high class. The site colors are awesome and look so good you might be tempted to lick your screen! It is also very well arranged, with everything in its proper place and not a hair out of position.

    The user experience here is great too, to the point that most find themselves spending more time than they budgeted for on this torrent site and who can blame them!

Content Perfectly Unlimited

    There is nothing at all hard about using this torrent site. At the top left is the Home tab and next to it are the Trending, Contact and Upload tabs. Clicking the Trending tab will direct you to the latest trending content, which consists of movies like 1917, Charlie’s Angels, Hello Myself Lilly and the like. The Contact tab lets you get in touch with the team behind 1377x via email, while the Upload tab is there if you have the stuff to upload.

    Only members can upload content though and at the top right of the page are options to either register or login. Membership is free, members can also comment on the featured content and enjoy other perks.

The Porn Life Cometh!

    There is a site logo near the middle of the homepage, with a search bar nestled below it. You can use this search bar to search for torrents or look for your missing ball sack!

    The bottom of the page is where the important things are. This consists of content that are arranged in categories like Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, Other and XXX. Of course, we clicked on the XXX section first of all and the things our eyes saw we are not brave enough to tell of!

    Each XXX video is arranged vertically with no previews of any sort. The file size, uploader, playtime, seeder, and leecher are all displayed. These porn feature names like MILF Mayhem, Anal Manhandling and Street Walking Seduction.

    If the default arrangement of all these porn is not to your taste, you can shuffle it by the most popular and trending. Videos are short, with none we could see hitting the 10-minute mark. They are generally safe to download, though some caution is advisable when downloading content on this platform.

What We Think

    We had a great experience over at 1337x.to and love what we saw. Ads are infrequent, which is a pleasant surprise and there are loads of amazing content. There are however not as much porn as we would like, though what is there is of high quality.
Overall, we love this site and can’t wait to get back to it!